Release date: 2019-01-10 14:18
Guangfeng district is located in Shangrao city of Jiangxi Province, located in the northeastern part of Jiangxi Province, east of Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province, North Yushan County, West Shangrao city Shangrao County, Xinzhou District, South Fujian Province Pucheng, Chong an two counties. The area is 62.5 kilometers long and 45 kilometers wide. Guangfeng was built in the Tang Dynasty, formerly known as Yongfeng, Yong Zheng ten years (1732) renamed Guangfeng. Guangfeng District administer 23 villages and towns streets.
Guangfeng is located at latitude 28 degrees 3 '30' - 28 degrees 37 '23', East 118 degree 1 '18' - 118 degree 29 '29', belonging to the subtropical monsoon climate, the average frost free period is the average days, the annual average temperature is at 30 degrees, and the annual average rainfall is millimeter. By the end of 2013, the population of Guangfeng district was 923766, with a total area of 1377.79 square kilometers. In 2012, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Guangfeng district was 20 billion 600 million 300 thousand yuan. Guangfeng has the title of "advanced county of comprehensive social security administration", "national health county town", "national double support model county" and "national civilized County town".
In February 16, 2015, the State Council approved and revoked Guangfeng county and set up Guangfeng District of Shangrao. In June 6, 2015, the "Guangfeng district" was formally established.