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Government work report 2014

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February 17, 2014 at the fourth session of the fifteenth Guangfeng people's Congress.
Shao Xiaoting, county magistrate of Guangfeng County People's Government

Now, on behalf of the county people's government, I would like to report on the work of the government to the general assembly for your consideration and to invite members of the CPPCC Committee and other members to submit their views.
Hard work and solid 2013
    In the past year, in the face of the complicated macro situation, under the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the county Party committee, the whole county has been carrying out the spirit of the seven plenary session of the eighteen party, the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the thirteen session of the provincial Party committee in depth. In order to create the "hundred counties in the whole country" as the guide, with the same heart and one mind, down to earth and difficulties, the economy and society have maintained a steady development trend. We have taken a solid step towards building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. The county achieved GDP of 24 billion yuan, an increase of 16.5% over the same period (the current price is the same below). The total fiscal revenue was 3 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 13.9%, and the total revenue from public budget was 2 billion 95 million yuan, an increase of 18.3%. The investment in fixed assets was 15 billion 190 million yuan, an increase of 19.3%. The total retail sales of consumer goods reached 3 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 13.2%. The urbanization rate reached 51.15%, an increase of 1.4 percentage points. In the critical period of transformation and reform, the comprehensive strength has maintained the position of the first phalanx and the city's leading sheep in the province, and has won a series of awards such as "China's most powerful regional power cities in 2013, 100 counties and cities in small and medium-sized cities", "national advanced counties of science and technology progress" and "national food industry strong counties".
In the past year, we are committed to upgrading the industrial level, and the real economy is going up to the challenge.
New breakthroughs in new industries. The scale of industry continued to grow, and 40 new industrial enterprises above designated size increased to 144 in the first place in the province. To achieve above scale industrial output value of 45 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 22.7%; above scale industrial added value exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 10 billion 140 million yuan. The leading industries accelerated to gather, and the main business income of the seven leading industries exceeded 40 billion yuan. Circular economy Industrial Park Settled 10 enterprises, mahogany furniture production base settled 9 enterprises, Textile Industrial Park Settled 100 production lines. Industrial efficiency has improved significantly. Over 57 million industrial enterprises have been paid taxes, of which 12 are over 10 million, especially the Guangfeng cigarette factory. The tax revenue has been 840 million yuan, which has made a significant contribution to fiscal revenue.
New achievements have been made in modern agriculture. We should highlight the development of the Guangfeng Ma Jia grapefruit industry, arrange industrial support funds 86 million yuan, and increase the planting area of 60 thousand mu, with a total area of 180 thousand mu. We should speed up the construction of modern agricultural demonstration zones and promote the construction of special agricultural demonstration sites such as Dongyang blueberry, Shatin, Bayberry and so on, and build 78 thousand mu of agricultural production bases, including 6000 acres of nuisance free agricultural products bases. Continuously improve the level of industrial management, add 33 leading agricultural enterprises, 135 farmers' professional cooperatives, "good fish road", "reg", "Tian GUI" trademark has won the "Jiangxi famous brand" title. Grain production remained stable with a total output of 235 thousand tons.
The third industry presents a new bright spot. Financial markets remained active, and Merchants Bank and Bank of Nanchang established branches in our county. At the end of the year, the balance of financial institutions reached 12 billion 440 million yuan and the balance of loans amounted to 8 billion 610 million yuan. With the upgrading of the new business format, the rosewood cultural and creative industry park was awarded the "provincial cultural and creative tourism and leisure district", and the Guangfeng woodcarving city was successfully included in the "provincial modern service industry gathering area". The rapid development of leisure tourism highlights the leading role of the leading tourist of the cymbon mountain and speeds up the construction of tourism infrastructure. The number of tourists in the cymbal mountain scenic spot exceeds 1 million 500 thousand. We should actively implement the "camp to increase" pilot project to achieve a tax of 49 million yuan for machinery leasing and 135 million yuan for logistics tax.

In the past year, we are committed to accelerating the gathering of factors and constantly improving the foundation of development.
- platform function continues to improve. We completed the work of adjusting the park and expanding the industrial park, rearranged the 1400 Mu construction reserve area, and expanded the park area to 18 square kilometers. Increasing infrastructure investment, hardening and repairing 20 thousand square meters of road surface, two dedicated substations and 7 power lines have been completed and put into operation. The project has been speeded up, and 22 projects, such as mealle PV, Zheng Tian copper and Mau Hua textile, have been put into production. 20 projects, such as 700 thousand tons of recycled paper, big hung house, mahogany and Kai Qiang electronics, have been fully constructed. We should further carry out corporate support activities and actively link up the financial and credit policies such as "help guarantee loan" and "finance Park credit link", so as to support 105 enterprises financing 600 million yuan.
- open cooperation has continued to expand. We will vigorously promote the selection of capital for business investment, and introduce 31 new industrial projects over 50 million yuan throughout the year. Among them, 50 thousand tons of anode copper, 200 thousand tons of brass rods, 200 thousand electric bicycles, 200 thousand tons of spinning, and more than one billion yuan have been introduced. The actual use of foreign capital 2 billion 970 million yuan, an increase of 20.9%; the actual use of foreign funds 78 million 80 thousand U. s.dollars, an increase of 11.1%; total import and export volume of 140 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 17.5%. Encourage enterprises to increase capital and expand production, and 8 enterprises such as Euro Kai Industry and reed paper industry have increased investment of 1 billion yuan. With the rapid development of the non-public economy, 585 new private enterprises and 2017 individual businesses have been added.
- Project persistence continued to grow. To push forward the "double project", 190 key projects have invested 7 billion 380 million yuan in total, including 100 new construction projects, 46 projects completed and completed, and 32 preparatory projects have been completed. Actively running projects for funds, successfully included in the original Central Soviet area revitalization plan, new higher-level support projects 27, total funds amounted to 176 million yuan. We should crack down on the bottleneck of the land, widen the guarantee channels for construction land, strive for more than 2000 acres of construction land index, and revitalize the 400 acres of industrial idle land.
In the past year, we have been committed to balancing urban and rural development, and the livable environment has been increasingly optimized in coordination and interaction.
The city accelerates towards modernization. We should highlight the planning and guidance, complete the revision of the fourth round of urban master planning, expand the county planning control area to 188 square kilometers, and start the construction of the broad and fast access channels, and accelerate the integration into the development of Shangrao's central urban area. With the promotion of outstanding functions, the project of cymbon mountain road and moon rabbit road were completed, and the main project of Yingbin Avenue was completed. The administrative center, educational park and preschool education center were accelerated. A comprehensive transformation of river banks and five major parks were implemented. Outstanding fine management, vigorously strengthen the city management and control and municipal maintenance, completed the transformation of 3 old communities, the implementation of municipal infrastructure, landscaping, street lighting and other Huimin 179 practical things, the city looks more beautiful, residents life more comfortable.
The countryside is accelerating towards livability. To speed up the development of small towns, Yang Kou Zhen and the five cities have been awarded the top 100 towns in the whole province. The cymbals mountain town has been selected as the "state level ecological town". It has added two hundred million yuan towns to the Xixia and five cities, and the total number of villages and towns has reached 8. We must pay close attention to the new rural investment, integrate all kinds of construction funds 99 million yuan, complete 132 new village construction tasks, and create a number of excellent demonstration sites such as Dashi Cross Ridge and big Nanxi East. Highlighting irrigation and water conservancy construction, transforming 8600 mu of medium and low yield fields, completing the reinforcement of Qixing reservoir and 24 small dangerous reservoirs, dredging and silting 77 ponds, and solving the problem of 95 thousand rural population safe drinking water.
- accelerating the environment towards ecology. In depth implementation of the "forest urban and rural green channel" project, invested 138 million yuan, completed the afforestation area of 34 thousand acres. We will promote the comprehensive management of small watershed and control the area of soil erosion by 8 square kilometers. Vigorously implement the rural cleaning project, and the environmental sanitation along the towns, highways and rivers has been markedly improved. To strengthen supervision and supervision of enterprises, the EIA rate of new projects reached 100%, and 3 enterprises were banned from major pollution hazards. Actively carry out comprehensive treatment of ecological environment, the quality of the whole section of funxi river is above class II, the atmospheric environment quality is maintained at the first level standard, and the harmless treatment rate of municipal solid waste is 100%.
In the past year, we are committed to ensuring the livelihood of the people, and the people's lives are continuously improving and happier.
- the level of protection has been steadily enhanced. We should actively expand employment, train 5163 urban and rural labor force (Times), recruit 7092 new urban employees, transfer 16 thousand and 400 rural labor force, and issue 74 million 50 thousand yuan of small loans. To consolidate the level of protection, we will improve the five major insurance systems for urban and rural areas, including old-age, work-related injuries, childbearing, medical treatment and unemployment, and the relief system for the urban and rural poor people, with a low premium of 68 million 300 thousand yuan, a 6 million 290 thousand yuan of five guarantees, a subsidy of 25 million 630 thousand yuan and an old age allowance of 9 million 460 thousand yuan. In the implementation of the housing project, 830 sets of affordable housing have been put into use, 900 sets of farmers' apartments have been built, 1100 rural dilapidated houses have been rebuilt, and 3 million 300 thousand yuan has been issued for housing rental subsidies. The per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 20050 yuan, and the per capita net income of farmers amounted to 9600 yuan.
- coordinated development of social undertakings. We will speed up the development of education, build 20 thousand square meters of new school buildings, and add 60 thousand sets of new desks and chairs. The scores of college entrance examination will continue to improve, and the rate of on-line publication of one or two books will increase year by year. We should deepen the reform of the medical and health system, establish a basic drug system, and further reduce the burden on the masses, complete the relocation of the County Maternal and child health care centers, and start the new and reconstruction projects of township hospitals. Population and family planning work is healthy and stable, maintaining low fertility level. We will push forward the development of cultural and sports undertakings, organize more than 3600 trips to the countryside, and improve the functions of comprehensive cultural stations in villages and towns.
- social management is being strengthened step by step. Innovative Petition Petition mode, set up the township (street) mass workstation, people's reception center, further unimpeded the masses express their appeal channels, and strive to solve the masses' reasonable demands, a number of key letters and visits matters have been properly resolved. We will further promote the comprehensive administration of public order and crack down on all kinds of criminal activities according to law, and public order will continue to improve. We must strictly implement the responsibility for safety in production and focus on special rectification in key areas and key industries, and resolutely put an end to major accidents. The situation of production safety is generally stable. The quality of agricultural products and the supervision of food and drug safety are strong. Establish and improve the emergency management system, and successfully respond to various emergencies.
In addition, radio and television, ethnic and religious affairs, overseas affairs, overseas Chinese Affairs, earthquake preparedness and disaster reduction, "double support", militia reserve and national defense mobilization, new achievements in work related to Taiwan, price, statistics, grain, supply and marketing, insurance, postal services, communications, petroleum, archives, local chronicles, fire protection, meteorology and press and publication have been achieved, including old age, women, children, disabled persons' Federation, charity, Red Cross Society and so on. Overall progress.
In the past year, we have been committed to strengthening our own construction and giving full play to the government's functions in diligent and honest administration.
Always adhere to strict administration. We must strictly implement the "eight provisions", resolutely control the "four winds", and further promote the "red envelope" special management activities, and the whole county's "three public" funds have fallen sharply. Carrying out the activities of "thousands of cadres at the grass-roots level, resolving difficulties and promoting development" and carrying out family visits activities for the masses have carried out a number of the most concerned, direct and realistic issues for the grassroots. We should improve the performance appraisal system and the political conduct appraisal system, and strengthen administrative supervision, efficiency accountability, audit supervision, and new achievements in the construction of political conduct. We should highlight the supervision of key areas such as the use of funds, construction and land transfer, and standardize public resource trading activities such as tendering and bidding, government procurement and so on.      
Always adhere to administration according to law. Exercising power and performing duties strictly according to statutory authority and legal procedures, so that administrative power can be granted, exercised and supervised effectively. Report to the people's Congress and inform the CPPCC about major issues, consciously accept the NPC's legal supervision, work supervision and democratic supervision of the CPPCC, conscientiously handle 210 pieces of proposals and members' proposals, and the rate of recovery is 100%. We should actively promote the open and transparent operation of administrative power, increase the openness of government information and the construction of e-government. People's right to know, participate, express and supervise effectively.
Always adhere to the policy of innovation. We should speed up decentralization and decentralization, streamline the administrative examination and approval items, simplify the rate of 15%, and shorten the average time of project approval by 30%. 55 To set up the system of administrative examination and approval of the township (street) administrative leaders, the construction of demonstration windows and the whole process of services will be carried out in depth, and the level of government service will be continuously improved. We must persist in giving up grass-roots units, encourage the development of villages and towns to accelerate development, and implement a new round of adjustment of county and township financial management system. We should actively explore the "double guarantee" mechanism for the transfer of agricultural population to enjoy the treatment of citizens and retain the rights of farmers, so as to guide the orderly transfer of rural population to cities and towns.
Delegates! Here, I would like to solemnly report to the general assembly about the completion of the "ten real things" of the people's livelihood last year (due to objective factors, which have been partially adjusted by the Standing Committee of the county people's Congress). First, the comprehensive transformation project of "one river and two sides" of Feng Xi River has been completed in one phase and basically completed in two phases, adding a beautiful scenic line in the city. Two, the comprehensive renovation project of Lvlin Avenue has been basically completed, and a landscape Avenue with open, ornamental and recreational features has been built. Three is the Shanghai Kunming high-speed Guangfeng link high standard and high quality built and opened to traffic, thus promoting the effective speed increase of the urban external traffic network. Four, the whole transformation and upgrading of the nine fairy lake scenic area was successfully completed, and the tourism card of Cangshan Mountain was polished. Five, the completion and reinforcement of the Yongfeng bridge is completed on schedule, ensuring the safety of the masses. Six, the reconstruction project of Guang Yu line (Guangfeng southern section) was opened to traffic and convenient for the masses to travel. Seven, the five major parks have been fully promoted. The screen wind mountain park has been opened to the public. Wang Zhen Bai Park (phase I) has basically been completed, and the bamboo hill park (phase I) has been fully started. The eight is that the main building of the county preschool education center has been completed. It is expected that this autumn project will be completed and enrolment, which will effectively alleviate the problem of preschool children entering the kindergarten. Nine is Yingbin Avenue completed the 70% project volume, is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in June this year. Ten is the Education Park (phase 1) Guangfeng middle school relocation project to complete the new campus planning and architectural design plan, is about to start construction. "Ten practical things" as an important starting point for government work, project construction has achieved good social benefits, and has effectively solved the urgent needs of the masses in such aspects as entertainment, transportation, cultural life and so on.
Delegates! Achievements express history and experience enlightens the future. Every achievement made by our county's economic and social development, every change in urban and rural construction, and every benefit that the masses get, all embodies the efforts and sweat of the people of the county, and is full of care and support from all sides. On behalf of the county people's government, I represent the people's Government of the county to the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, to retired cadres and veteran comrades, to the democratic parties, the Federation of industry and commerce, the non Party organizations and the people's organizations, to the armed police officers and men, the public security police, to the provincial and municipal units, to the investors and builders in our county, and to all the friends who care and support the development and construction of Guangfeng. High respect and heartfelt thanks!
Delegates! Looking back on the past year, the results achieved are encouraging, but there are still many difficulties and problems. The main factors are: funds, land, employment and other factors are becoming more and more intense. The constraints of resources and environment are increasing, and the pressure of transformation and development is increasing. The main indicators of the 12th Five-Year plan are affected by factors such as economic downturn and structural adjustment. There are more stable factors, such as increasing contradictions and disputes in urban management, land acquisition and demolition, petition stability, and so on. Some cadres' service development consciousness is not strong, their executive ability is not in place, and their administrative efficiency is not high. In this regard, we will take effective measures to solve them seriously.
2014, determined to reform and move forward
Delegates! This year is the first year to implement the spirit of the party in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and comprehensively deepen the reform. It is also a key year for tackling the "12th Five-Year" planning objectives. At present, the world economy is still in deep adjustment. China's economy is also in the special stage of the growth rate shifting period, the structural adjustment pains period and the "three period" superposition of the previous stimulus policy digestion period. While enhancing our sense of hardship, we also fully realize that the fundamentals of China's long-term economic development have not changed. Guangfeng's development is faced with many opportunities and favorable conditions. As long as we grasp the overall situation and focus on the major events, we should seize the momentum and seek the momentum and take advantage of the trend. We will never be satisfied and never slack off. We will surely create a new prospect for Guangfeng's scientific development, leapfrog development and harmonious development.
    The general requirements of the government's work this year are: to thoroughly implement the spirit of the eighteen and the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, firmly grasp the general keynote of "steady progress, reform and innovation", and conscientiously follow the general strategy of "upgrading development, speeding up the well-off society, rising the green sector, and promoting the Gan Gan" in an all-round way. We must stabilize the middle and improve the quality, stabilize the medium and improve quality, take the overall deepening reform as the commanding point, take the transformation and upgrading as the main direction of attack, effectively improve the quality and efficiency of economic development, coordinate the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, strive to protect and improve people's livelihood, and strive to achieve the "four lead" in the whole city. New steps have been taken to build a well-off society.
   The main targets of this year's economic and social development are: GDP growth of over 10%, total fiscal revenue growth of more than 10%, fixed asset investment growth of more than 15%, industrial added value of above scale increase by 12%, total retail sales of social consumer goods by 17%, urban and rural residents' per capita income growth by 12%, urbanization rate by 1 percentage points, natural population growth rate and energy saving and emission reduction tasks. Strictly control the targets issued by the superior.
To achieve the above objectives and tasks, we must adhere to the following six aspects: first, development, ecology and livelihood.
First, we must unswervingly push ahead with reform and innovation, and strive to take greater steps in stimulating the vitality of the system.
- building a modern market system. Correctly grasp the relationship between the government and the market, minimize the government's interference in the micro economic affairs, and truly let the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources. We should improve the management system of state-owned assets, further promote centralized and unified supervision of operating state assets, and strengthen state-owned capital gains and use management. We should vigorously develop the non-public economy, study and formulate policies to encourage non-public economy, reduce the entry threshold of market participants, and strive to add 2000 households to individual businesses and 500 new private enterprises. We should deepen the reform of the financial system, innovate the government investment and financing platform, and link up the policy bank credit, and strive for more than 500 million yuan of operation and financing of the market.
- transforming the functions of the government. We should carry out the reform of government institutions and institutions, and adjust the institutions and functions of family planning, health and food safety supervision. We should increase the intensity of government procurement services and establish a fair and open public service purchase system, so that market participants can better share the opportunities created by reform. We should deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, dynamically adjust and streamline the examination and approval matters, and improve and expand parallel examination and approval, so that enterprises and people can run less and more conveniently. We will further implement the reform of the fiscal and taxation system, accelerate the establishment of a standardized and unified department budget system, and strictly and strictly draw up the budget of the "three public" funds. We should strengthen supervision capacity building, innovate supervision methods and raise the level of government management.
- explore the comprehensive rural reform. We should uphold and improve the basic rural management system, actively develop diversified forms of scale operation, and encourage the transfer of land management rights to major households, family farms and farmer cooperatives, and strive to transfer the land management rights to 20 thousand mu. We should actively explore the exit mechanism of homestead, adhere to planning control and use control, and further standardize the management of rural housing construction. We should deepen the reform of the household registration system, take the "double guarantee" mechanism of the agricultural transfer population as a breakthrough, increase the policy support for the transfer of agricultural population to the city, and promote the integration of urban and rural public services and social security.
Two, we must unswervingly push ahead with the expansion and opening up, and strive to make greater strides in enhancing our competitive edge.
We need to make breakthroughs in achieving the goal of attracting more talents. Actively docking the Shangrao high-speed rail era, focusing on key areas, optimizing investment methods, and actively constructing the frontiers of Northeast Jiangxi's opening wider to the outside world. Around the idea of "recruiting large, attracting strong and selecting excellent", we should take the investment of large project industry as the main direction of attack, vigorously introduce a number of leading industrial projects, forward-looking modern service industry projects and modern agricultural projects with strong driving force, so as to improve industrial relevancy and promote the development of industrial clusters. We should deepen our research and docking with strategic investors such as the world's top 500 and the central enterprises. We will do our best to do the following projects: new projects, new projects and tracking services. We will strive to introduce more than 100 billion investment projects, introduce 3 billion yuan of foreign capital, and make use of foreign capital 100 million US dollars to achieve greater breakthroughs in major projects with more than one billion yuan in.
We must make breakthroughs in improving quality and efficiency. We must adhere to the principle of "mu production on heroes" and implement the project joint trial system, and scientifically set up the standard system to settle the investment with intensity and tax as the main index, and strive to improve the investment intensity, output rate and tax contribution rate of the unit land. The investment intensity of the enterprises in the industrial park should reach more than 1 million yuan per mu, and the land utilization rate should reach more than 80%. The enterprises that are below this standard will be forced to restrict management, and strive to raise the per mu output of the enterprises and improve the actual effect of the investment projects. We should explore the establishment of project examination archives system, establish a project evaluation information management system, and carry out the whole process of tracking and inspecting the actual investment, construction cycle, and commissioning effect of the project.
We must make breakthroughs in optimizing the open environment. To create an excellent market environment, take the reform of the industrial and commercial registration system as an opportunity to implement the "first look after evidence" and implement the registration system of registered capital subscriptions to stimulate the vitality of all kinds of investors. Create an excellent government environment, vigorously implement the "front-line work method", establish a green channel for service enterprises and project construction, ensure that project investment has made progress monthly, breakthroughs have been made in the first quarter, and there are bright spots at the end of the year. Create a favorable environment, plan a number of major industrial projects and infrastructure projects, speed up the launching of major projects such as Shanghai Pu high-speed, strive for construction land index 2500 mu, superior special funds 200 million yuan. To create an excellent financing environment, we should further promote the cooperation between government, banks and enterprises, and comprehensively promote the financing mode of "finance Park credit link", and strive to add more than 500 million yuan of corporate financing loans.
Three, unswervingly push ahead with new industries and strive to take greater steps in improving the quality of the industry.
- enhance the carrying capacity with the construction of the park. We will increase investment in infrastructure and strive to invest 200 million yuan in construction funds. We will vigorously promote the construction of two 110 thousand volt substations and 40 thousand tons of sewage treatment plants in Ma Jia Shan and Boshan, and develop more than 1000 acres of reclaimed land. We should speed up the construction of characteristic parks, improve the construction of circular economy industrial parks, textile industrial parks, black talc industrial bases, and mahogany furniture production bases, and strive to build 20 new industrial chain enterprises. We should promote the upgrading of the platform, build the "industrial town" according to the urbanization standard, accelerate the start of the major industrial agglomeration areas such as Gan zhe Industrial Park and cigarette industrial city, and strive to increase the income of the main business of the park by 10 billion yuan, and strive to create a state-level economic and Technological Development Zone.
- Industrial Agglomeration promotes growth. We should guide the development of non-ferrous metal industry in "scale and cluster", and accelerate the construction of key projects such as Rio Tinto copper, public water heating parts and Yao tengtong copper industry, and strive to break through the industry scale of 30 billion yuan. We will guide the development of four new industries, namely, black talc, new energy, mahogany culture and auto parts, to accelerate the industrialization and chain development, and speed up the construction of key projects such as high-grade magnesia porcelain, Li Ke electric vehicle, big hung mahogany, Xugong machinery, and strive to break through 15 billion yuan in industrial scale. We will guide the development of the two traditional industries of food and paper packaging, such as high-end and branding, accelerate the upgrading and upgrading of Donghai food and Yu Feng paper industry, and strive to break through 5 billion yuan in industrial scale.
- promoting the power of training and training. Adhere to the leading development of large enterprises, and encourage key enterprises such as Ruifeng section, Zheng Tian copper and Taiwan Xin steel to expand their strength through expanding investment, and strive to increase the revenue of the main business by up to 3 billion yuan, 2 enterprises. Adhere to the leading enterprises to promote development, support Zhuo Da wear-resistant, national aluminum industry and other leading enterprises, innovative technology and strong strength, and strive to increase the main business income of 1 billion yuan enterprises 5. Insist on accelerating the development of the advantageous enterprises, and implement "one enterprise and one strategy" support for the enterprises such as the rabbit rabbit cabinet, Yintai Le, Jinmao textile and other industries in the industry, and strive to increase the main business income by 10 yuan. Strengthen growth, technology, innovative small and micro enterprises to support and nurture, and strive to achieve "20 small businesses".
Four, unswervingly promote industrial upgrading, and strive to take greater steps in changing the way of development.
- accelerate the development of modern agriculture. We should vigorously build large-scale bases, do a good job in upgrading and upgrading Heshan agricultural science and technology demonstration garden, Ma Jia Tai Mu demonstration garden, and copper cymbon mountain 10000 mu tea garden, and speed up the construction of demonstration sites of characteristic agriculture, such as Ma Jia, blueberry, grape and so on, and strive to add 30 thousand mu of standardized agricultural production base. Vigorously create branded products, highlight Ma Jia pears, Tian GUI pear, white ear yellow chicken three major local brands, focus on Ma Jia grapefruit "green products" and "well-known brand" certification work, and strive to create "Jiangxi famous brand". Vigorously implement cooperative management, accelerate the pace of modern agriculture, and strive to add 30 leading agricultural enterprises above the county level, 100 new farmers' professional cooperatives, and 30 family farms. At the same time, we should strengthen the capital construction of farmland and water conservancy, vigorously carry out the reinforcement of dangerous reservoirs and comprehensive agricultural development, farmland irrigation and small-scale peasant water construction, enhance the comprehensive agricultural production capacity, and strive to stabilize grain production.
- actively nurturing the third industry. Dance Live cymbals mountain tourism leader, actively declare the National Nature Reserve, and create state-level 4A scenic spots, focusing on promoting the tourist service center, the cymbon Mountain Hotel, Baihua Rock Scenic Area reconstruction projects, and strive to receive 2 million visitors exceeded the volume (Times). We should speed up the construction of commercial and trade facilities, and promote modern business logistics projects such as woodcarving city (phase three) and Chun long logistics base, so as to form a business logistics system compatible with urban development. We should build a modern financial system, introduce joint-stock commercial banks and provincial and municipal commercial banks, and timely start the construction of financial and business district, so as to improve the comprehensive service level. We should actively foster new business practices, fully promote the "camp to increase" pilot project, accelerate the development of e-commerce industry, and guide enterprises such as construction and machinery leasing to return to the development of building economy and headquarters economy.
- vigorously promoting independent innovation. With independent innovation as the engine, we will strive to promote the coordinated development of the three industries and accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system with the aim of "strengthening the second production, supplementing three production, and producing one product". We encourage and support Tongxin machinery and Jingxin pharmaceutical enterprises to develop new technologies, new products and new technologies, vigorously implement 13 technological transformation projects, and speed up the elimination of high energy consumption and high polluting enterprises and projects. We should encourage and guide enterprises to carry out technological research and development, and promote the construction of research and development centers such as Corelle genetic medicine, black talc, Ma Jia you and so on. We will cultivate 2 high-tech enterprises, declare 5 major scientific and technological projects, and develop 5 high-tech products. We should speed up the construction of a green industrial chain and resource recycling chain, start construction of comprehensive utilization projects of abandoned mineral oil and waste plastics, and improve the network system of renewable resources recovery. We will promote quality enterprise and trademark strategy, declare 100 intellectual property rights and patents, add 10 famous trademarks, and create the core strengths of enterprises.
Five, unswervingly advance the integration of urban and rural areas, and strive to take greater steps in building a beautiful homeland.
- actively create a more pleasant modern city. To carry out "urban construction and consolidation year" activities, accelerate the construction of the Shanghai and Guangzhou fast track, and actively integrate into the central city of Shangrao. With the "new" promotion of "old", we should scientifically and orderly promote the planning and construction of the lower reaches of the New District, and lay stress on the construction of functional projects such as the Civic Center, the comprehensive transformation of one river and the five major parks, and accelerate the implementation of supporting projects such as the transformation of pipeline gas and underground drainage pipe network, so as to enhance the carrying capacity of the urban area. "Line" is used to ensure that all main roads such as Yingbin Avenue, cymbon mountain Avenue, Yufeng Road, Yuexi Avenue and other main roads are all connected, so as to speed up the construction of secondary roads, such as sang Zi Road, Xia Yang Road and Xinhua Road, and smooth the urban traffic network. With "point" and "face", we should actively carry out special actions such as city appearance, illegal construction and so on, and vigorously carry out comprehensive transformation of urban villages, shantytowns, back streets and alleys, and strive to improve the level of scientific and meticulous management of urban integrated management.
- actively create more distinctive new towns. We should actively explore the expansion of power and the reform of the town, and guide more development elements to grass-roots units through decentralization and profit making, so as to enhance the self-development capacity of villages and towns as a whole. Adhere to the "town to urban construction", promote the development and construction of the market towns in line with local conditions, and strive to build characteristic towns with distinctive features, complete functions and first-rate quality. Yang Kou and five are all the top 100 towns in the whole province. We must give full play to their advantages and strive to make breakthroughs in the construction of boutique towns. Towns and townships should concentrate their efforts on planning and implementing a number of key projects in small towns, carry out rural clean projects in depth, carry out environmental sanitation centralized activities and create clean and clean environment.
- actively create a more dynamic beautiful countryside. We should speed up the construction of the new countryside, comprehensively promote the construction of 145 new villages, and carry out the "beautiful countryside" trial in the village of Xiao Feng Village and the Shiyan village of Song Feng township. We will strengthen the construction of rural infrastructure, transform the 50 km of rural roads through the border, and maintain 10 bridges in rural areas. We will accelerate the implementation of 9 rural safe drinking water projects, so that 50 thousand farmers can enjoy safe drinking water. We should strengthen the protection of rural ecological environment, complete 20 thousand acres of afforestation, and control the area of 5 square kilometers of soil erosion. We should vigorously implement river dredging projects, concentrate on regulating illegal activities such as sand dredging and sand washing, so as to ensure that the quality of the whole section of Fung river is above class II.
Six, we must unswervingly advance the improvement of people's livelihood and make greater efforts to share the fruits of development.
- sharing results in optimizing public services. We should improve the level of education development, accelerate the construction of the county preschool education center, plan and build a primary school in the county town, implement hundreds of standardized schools for rural compulsory education schools, and strive to enable all children to receive good education. We should optimize the allocation of primary health resources, improve the grass-roots health network, and constantly upgrade the level of public health services. We should deepen the reform of the medical and health system, standardize and improve the basic drug system, and reduce the cost of medical treatment for the masses. We must adhere to the basic national policy of family planning and implement the policy of "separate two children" and strive to create state-level advanced county with high-quality family planning services. We should extensively carry out mass cultural and sports activities, promote the construction of places of activity for the elderly, and constantly enrich the lives of the masses. Do well the third national economic census, and steadily push forward the ninth Village (house) committee general election.
- sharing results in improving the security system. The employment priority strategy will be implemented, 8000 new towns will be employed and 18 thousand new rural labor force will be transferred to eliminate the "zero employment" families in urban and rural areas. We will further improve the preferential policies to support entrepreneurship and strive to complete 10 thousand business training and 100 million yuan in new loans. We should improve the social security system, expand the coverage of insurance coverage in various towns, and gradually improve the natural growth mechanism of social insurance. The coverage rate of basic old-age insurance for urban workers is more than 80%, the coverage rate of unemployment insurance is above 90%, and the coverage rate of basic medical insurance for urban residents is 100%. We will raise the level of housing security, start building 700 sets of public rental housing (low rent housing), and 1000 apartments for farmers, and transform 1300 households in rural dilapidated houses. We should vigorously develop charitable and social welfare undertakings, improve the recognition of urban low-income families and standardize the management system of urban and rural minimum allowances, and gradually improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged groups.
- sharing results in innovative social management. We should improve the working mechanism of letters and visits, unimpede the channels for the interests of the masses, earnestly solve problems for the grassroots, and try to resolve social contradictions from the source. We should strictly implement the responsibility system for production safety, deepen the rectification of key areas, and effectively prevent and curb major safety accidents. We should strengthen the construction of emergency management system and improve the capability of early warning, control and disposal of emergencies. We should improve the comprehensive supervision system of private lending, guide the masses to prudently and rationally invest, and strive to guard against the risk of private lending. We should strengthen comprehensive management of social management, actively prevent and crack down on all kinds of criminal activities in accordance with the law, and ensure that one side is safe.
Delegates! In order to actively comply with the new expectations of the people and let the fruits of development benefit the masses more, better and faster, this year, we will lay stress on the "ten practical things" of people's livelihood on the basis of conscientiously doing a comprehensive job. First, we will implement the project of Zhong Zhou island and Shui Mei Shan Park (children's paradise), continue to build Wang Zhen Bai Park and Zhu Hang Shan Park; two, start the Feng Xi River. The three phase and the four phase of the comprehensive reconstruction of the river banks, three is to promote the comprehensive transformation of the old streets, the four is to start the construction of the new campus of Guangfeng middle school; the five is to start the construction of the comprehensive gymnasium; six is the surgical building of Xinjian County people's Hospital; seven is the opening of Yufeng South Avenue; eight is the implementation of the Dashi five Tong Tung highway widening and reconstruction project; nine is the transformation and upgrading of the Lu Lin Bridge. Guangfeng bridge; ten is to implement Ma Jia (agricultural and sideline products) trading market project.
Delegates! The new situation and new tasks put forward higher standards and stricter demands for the work of the government. We must make every effort to build a service-oriented government that is responsible, dare to take responsibility, do practical work and do something. We must make policies more sunny and make people more trustworthy. Adhere to scientific and democratic decision-making, deepen and expand government affairs, protect the people's right to know, participate and supervise. Consciously accept the NPC's work supervision, legal supervision and democratic supervision of the CPPCC, and widely listen to the opinions and suggestions from all walks of life. We must persist in administration according to law and improve the mechanism of administrative reconsideration and litigation. We should strengthen the construction of the exchange platform of the county hotline and the county mailbox, broaden the channels of dialogue and interaction between the government and the public, and effectively dredge and properly resolve the masses' demands. We should make the administration more efficient and make the people more satisfied. We should thoroughly carry out the mass line educational practice, resolutely correct the "four winds" and continue to carry out the implementation of the eight provisions. Starting from the members of the county government team, we took the lead in the grass-roots investigation and study, took the lead in improving the work style innovation work, took the lead in tackling difficulties and solved problems, set an example for the government civil servants, promoted the downward shift of departmental service, and promoted the speed of service efficiency. We should standardize the operation of government departments and strengthen administrative supervision and auditing supervision in important fields and key positions, so as to further improve the level and quality of government services. We should make the government more approachable and make people more comfortable. In the promotion of economic development, we should pay more attention to the people's livelihood. In accelerating urban construction, we should give more consideration to the interests of the people and the people. When innovating social management, we will more embody the convenience of the people and the people. We should thoroughly carry out the evaluation of political conduct and conduct timely rectification of unhealthy practices that harm the interests of the masses. We must persist in strict administration, strictly enforce the provisions of clean government and push forward the construction of punishment and prevention system. We must persist in frugal politics, strictly control public expenditure, and put the limited resources and financial resources in the most urgent need for the most urgent needs of improving people's livelihood.
Delegates! The flood of Feng Xi will hit the water and the water will rise to the summit. Let us be inspired by the spirit of the party in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, under the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the county Party committee, with the support of the county people's Congress, the county CPPCC and the various sectors of the community, we should concentrate our efforts to overcome difficulties and innovate, and strive to build a well-off society in an all-round way.