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Government work report 2017

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Government work report

March 15, 2017, the sixteenth session of Guangfeng District, Shangrao The second session of the people's Congress

Zheng Huasen, head of the people's Government of Guangfeng District, Shangrao,


Now, on behalf of the District People's government, I would like to report to the General Assembly on the work of the government, please consider it, and invite members of the CPPCC Committee and the comrades attending the meeting to make comments.

Review of work in 2016

In the past year, under the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the District Committee, under the supervision of the District People's Congress and the CPPCC, our district has thoroughly implemented the spirit of the series of important speeches of the eighteen, eighteen, third, fourth, fifth and six plenary session of the party and general secretary Xi Jinping, adapting to the new normal of economic development and actively seeking new changes in economic and social development. With one heart, pioneering spirit and hard work, we have achieved the goal and achieved a good start in 13th Five-Year. The gross output value of the whole year was 32 billion 190 million yuan, an increase of 9.9%; the total fiscal revenue was 4 billion 355 million yuan, and the same caliber increased by 9.8%, of which the tax revenue accounted for 74.3% of the fiscal revenue; the industrial added value was 15 billion 422 million yuan, an increase of 9.7%; the total retail sales of social consumer goods 6 billion 481 million yuan, 14.5%. It has won 6 national honors, including the national comprehensive strength 100 districts (eighty-second places) and the most powerful investment areas (eighteenth places) in the whole country, 10 provincial level honors in the ten leading counties of Jiangxi county electric business and the provincial double support model area.

On the basis of fully completing the various objectives and tasks, we have focused on ten major events: first, the Shanghai Feng Road, which invested 800 million yuan, was opened to traffic and accelerated the pace of Guangfeng's integration into the central city of Shangrao; two, the nine fairy lake diversion project, which was widely concerned by the public, was completed by the first phase, and 400 thousand of the urban and rural residents drank high quality water; three, Guangfeng passed the highest score in the city. In the balanced development of education and education, the compulsory education in the whole region has taken on a new look. Four, the modern agricultural demonstration area of Guangfeng and the Feng Xi National Park have been successfully built and opened as a good place for Guangfeng people's leisure and entertainment. Five, Guangfeng has been renamed the Shangrao high tech Industrial Park successfully. The platform strengthens the platform support; the six is to build an Entrepreneurial Culture Park, improve the Chengnan area road network and the urban complex construction, and gradually form a new south district with an area of 2 square kilometers. Seven, it has chewed down the seven big shed of Feng Xi Nan River Road, New Bird Street, west area, etc., and changed the "hard bone", creating the shed to change the "Guangfeng speed"; eight, successfully promoted the Shangrao health school to settle down in our area. It will further enhance the city's taste and competitiveness in Guangfeng. Nine, the cymbon mountain scenic area and the Redwood cultural and creative industrial park have successfully created the national 4A level tourist attractions, and the comprehensive strength of tourism has been further enhanced; ten, the successful completion of the 2016 year's economic and social development and the party building inspection and inspection work has been successful, and achieved the first achievement of second, counties (cities and districts) in the whole city.

Looking back over the past year, the effectiveness of economic and social development has mainly embodied the "five accelerates":

(1) actively cultivate new kinetic energy and accelerate the transformation of industrial development.

Over the past year, we have taken an active part in the new economic development highland. We have persisted in promoting the upgrading of modern agriculture and modern service industry with the new industry as the main axis. The proportion of the three industries has been adjusted and optimized to 6.8:54.3:38.9, and the proportion of the third industries has increased by 2.3 percentage points over the previous year.

New industries accelerate agglomeration. Around the overall deployment of the city's industrial development, the development goal of "five years' decisive battle 120 billion" has been formulated, based on building two new high-tech industries, namely, electronic information and new materials, to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. To consolidate the industrial platform and accelerate the construction of industrial innovation platforms such as electronic information double creation Park and electronic information industrial park, the standard workshop has been built for 96 thousand years, and 308 acres of idle land have been revitalize. Accelerate industrial agglomeration, has signed the introduction of graphene production and application, Fu Rong precision electronic accessories, macro Peng intelligent steering gear, Zhe Yang LED, Xu Min precision hardware products and other 17 high-tech projects. We should continue to optimize the development environment, carry out special actions to reduce costs and optimize the environment, reduce costs by 320 million yuan for enterprises, set up 5 billion yuan industrial development fund and 500 million yuan loan bridge funds to support the development of new and high technology industries. Shangrao high tech Zone has completed 61 billion 300 million yuan in main business income, 14 billion 800 million yuan in industrial added value, and two main indicators ranked first in the provincial parks of the province. In the whole year, investment in industrial fixed assets was 14 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 33.8%, and 29 new industrial enterprises.

- accelerating agricultural modernization. The leading effect of the modern agricultural demonstration park has gradually taken shape. The first stage of the modern agricultural demonstration zone of the modern agriculture industrial park, the modern agricultural sightseeing garden, the 4A level rural tourism park, the facility agriculture demonstration garden and the agricultural innovation center has been completed. The tropical botanical garden has pioneered the whole province. It is a new facility for Guangfeng's greenhouse agriculture and agricultural tourism in the future, such as Guangfeng. Five. The development of the format has played a strong exemplary role. The three leading industries of "fruit, vegetable and vegetable" have been developing continuously, and the planting area has exceeded 285 thousand mu. The construction of "three products and one standard" of agricultural products has yielded fruitful results, and there are 90 certified pollution-free agricultural products, green food and organic food in the region. The concentration of agricultural industry has been continuously improved. There are 22 new leading agricultural enterprises in the region, 58 farmers' professional cooperatives and 63 family farms.

Modern service industry is accelerating. With the rapid development of business and economy, the construction of the international building material city has been put into operation. The construction of the Longhua century commercial complex with a construction area of 560 thousand yuan has been promoted at full speed. The Guangfeng international trade city with a 430 thousand square floor area has been successfully introduced. The headquarters economy has grown steadily, successfully introducing 82 Enterprises, including the construction industry, film and television culture, Internet + education, Internet of things, equity funds and other headquarters economic enterprises, and the tax revenue has exceeded 295 million yuan. The big data industry has been accelerated to cultivate large databases and traceability platform for big data of agricultural products to help develop modern agriculture. The continuous development of the electricity supplier industry has successfully passed the acceptance of the national e-business into the rural comprehensive demonstration project. The region has registered 458 business enterprises, cultivating 2 provincial-level e-commerce demonstration enterprises, to achieve electricity supplier turnover of 6 billion 10 million yuan, an increase of 49.8%. With the vigorous development of tourism, the total number of tourists and the comprehensive income of tourism increased by 28.48% and 29.07% respectively, and the village of Longxi village, Jiangxi Town, Dongyang Province, was awarded the 3A grade rural tourism spot. The financial industry has been developing steadily. The balance of savings and loans at the end of the year is 22 billion 346 million yuan and 14 billion 935 million yuan respectively, an increase of 20.49% and 15.59%.

(two) strengthening project support, developing stamina and accelerating agglomeration.

Over the past year, we have persisted in investing heavily, making more efforts to attract investment and building high efficiency, and continuously concentrated on the strong driving force of economic and social development. We have completed 24 billion 75 million yuan in fixed assets investment, an increase of 15.4% over the whole year.

- actively introducing projects. Vigorously carry out investment promotion, in-depth implementation of "attracting large and strong" and "Guang Shang return" project, strictly implement the "leader" investment, "small team" investment, precision investment, the introduction of 39 substantive projects throughout the year, contract signing capital of 11 billion 530 million yuan, of which, more than 100 million items 31, 500 million yuan or more items 2, 1 billion yuan or above 1 items; "Guang Shang return" project 19. Accounting for 55.88% of the newly imported industrial projects, more than 140 enterprises were founded in the region, accounting for 46.7% of industrial enterprises. In the whole year, 4 billion 859 million yuan in foreign capital and 108 million US dollars in foreign capital were added, which increased by 13.83% and 12.16% respectively.

- science projects. There are 236 key projects in the whole year, with a total investment of 31 billion 800 million yuan. Among them, 101 are industrial development projects, 91 are infrastructure projects, and 44 are social and livelihood projects. 3 items, such as the technological transformation of the factory, the nine fairy lake diversion project and so on, have been included in the provincial key dispatching projects, and 6 projects such as the Shanghai Fung Road, the cymbon mountain tourism infrastructure and so on have been included in the key dispatching dishes of the city. At present, the 3 provincial key dispatching projects actually completed the investment of 746 million yuan, completed the annual plan investment of 100%; the 6 key city dispatching projects actually completed the investment of 1 billion 546 million yuan, completed the annual plan investment 141.8%, and ranked the first in the city.

- push forward the project. We should improve the service mechanism and implement the "six one" working mechanism of "one project, one hanging point leader, one command department, one responsible unit, one service unit and one set of work plan". We have formulated three regulation mechanisms of "regular scheduling, special topic scheduling, and WeChat dispatching", and all the construction projects in the region have set up WeChat group to ensure the rapid development of the project. Strengthen factor protection, complete 2034 acres of land acquisition throughout the year, strive for 1 billion 22 million yuan of all kinds of free funds, 1 billion 280 million yuan of national special bond fund, 11 billion yuan of financing and credit, and make sufficient land and capital reserves for project construction. 236 key projects in the region have been completed and 83 have been completed, with a total investment of 14 billion 940 million yuan.

(three) integrate urban and rural areas, accelerate the improvement of urban and rural areas.

Over the past year, we have adhered to the train of thought of "integration of urban and rural areas, integration of production and urban integration, and integration of city scenes". We have persisted in policy sharing, sharing standards and sharing public services, and coordinated urban and rural coordinated development. The urban population reaches 272 thousand, and the built-up area is 27.8 square kilometers.

The central city is more livable. Constantly improving the infrastructure, the upper Fung Road, the Great Lake Tourist Road, the Kun Tong Road, the South Road Network (Zhongshan Road, luting Road, Dongshan Road, Xing Wang Road, Luzhou Road north section, wuchshan road network phase one or two) and other projects were completed and opened to traffic, further enhancing the city's accessibility; 3 large substations such as 500 thousand, five, 110 thousand volts and Wujian fan 110 thousand volts were put into use. The 3 parks, such as entrepreneurial culture park, East Park and citizen Park, have been opened up to provide more leisure and fitness facilities for the people, strengthen urban management, and vigorously carry out the urban construction activities such as "building the whole nation, beautiful Guangfeng", "starting the whole district, controlling illegal activities", and completing the construction of 22 municipal facilities projects, and demolishing illegal construction more than 1000. With an area of nearly 50 thousand, the city is more beautiful, beautiful and orderly.

- the appearance of town village has been improving continuously. Outstanding planning and guidance, completed the 11 central village planning work. Standardizing the building of farmers and implementing the practice of "three systems, two restrictions and one concentration", and standardizing the management experience of farmers' housing construction land is popularized in the whole province. We must pay close attention to the construction of new countryside, invest 157 million yuan, and build 166 new rural construction points. The PAI Shan town has been awarded the fifth provincial civilized villages and towns, and the West Village of Jian Di Town has been awarded the most beautiful village in Shangrao. We will steadily push forward the environmental improvement along the high-speed rail line, Guangzhou pipeline, Datang Jiao to the modern agricultural demonstration garden, and invest 16 million 300 thousand yuan to complete the 89 thousand and 600 facade renovation of the houses along the outer side of the road. It has won the title of "advanced counties (cities, districts)" of the province's agricultural and rural work, and the advanced counties (cities and districts) of new rural construction in the whole province.

- the ecological environment is constantly optimized. We have started the work of establishing a provincial forest city and completed the compilation of the general plan for the construction of provincial forest cities in Guangfeng district. Carrying out the work of "river length system", the quality of the river section reaches 98%, and the drinking water source reaches 100%. Actively set up a provincial ecological civilization demonstration area, completed the task of afforestation construction of 75 thousand mu, successfully created 14 municipal ecological villages, and 455.5 square kilometers of areas such as cymbals mountain were designated as the red line of ecological protection, and the treatment mode of urban and rural domestic waste was popularized in the whole province.

(four) deepen reform and innovation, develop vitality and speed up the burst.

Over the past year, we have persisted in bringing reform and innovation through development. We have been making great efforts in deepening reform, making great efforts in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, giving dividends to reform, and increasing momentum through innovation. The total number of new types of non-public market entities registered in the region was 4274, an increase of 13.46%, with a registered capital of 8 billion 950 million yuan, an increase of 78.58%.

- continue to push ahead with reform. Completed the evacuation of villages and towns in Dashi and lower streams, set up the "Shangrao Guangfeng District Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone Management Committee", established the real estate registration bureau, completed the integration of urban and rural medical insurance institutions, resolutely curbed the corruption on wheels, completed the reform of public service vehicles in party and government organs and public institutions, and vigorously promoted the reform of agricultural reclamation, and Guangfeng was first established in the province. Nongken group, actively promoting the reform of the registration system of five certificates, accumulates 360 licenses of "five cards in one", promotes structural reform of supply side in depth, closes 4 out of coal mines, compresses capacity 160 thousand tons, increases the strength of real estate inventory, reduces the time from 23 months to 5.7 months, and further promotes the reform of rural property rights. The Ministry of agriculture has been listed as a pilot unit of equity reform in rural collective assets, and has vigorously promoted the reform of state-owned forest farms and won the title of "advanced counties (cities and districts) reform of state-owned forest farms in the whole province".

- in depth implementation of innovation driven. Actively build up a platform for industry university research cooperation, establish 2 provincial level technology centers, and constantly consolidate the foundation of technological innovation platform. We should highlight the main position of enterprise innovation, increase the support of "finance Park credit link, branch loan through", innovate the new mode of financing through e-commerce credit, and strengthen financial support. The total number of patent applications is 301, the authorized volume is 125, the number of new and high-tech enterprises is 6, and the vitality of innovation is constantly showing.

- vigorously supporting the public's business. We should actively implement the strategy of talent driving, create entrepreneurial platforms, set up 3 business incubator bases such as Internet + entrepreneurship, create 6 innovative spaces, such as electronic business ecosystem, public innovation park, and win win space. Among them, the peasant student entrepreneurship alliance is the first one in the province. Giving full play to the "booster" role of the business guarantee loan, the new loan amount in the region is 168 million yuan, 709 entrepreneurs are supported and 2812 people are employed to achieve employment, thus forming a good situation of entrepreneurship and employment promotion.

(five) adhere to the people-oriented principle and accelerate the release of people's well-being.

Over the past year, we have persisted in ensuring priority in livelihood investment, giving priority to the development of people's livelihood, continuously improving the well-being of the people's livelihood, serving as the "people's duty force", the per capita disposable income of urban residents was 30989 yuan, an increase of 8.3%, the per capita disposable income of rural residents was 13760 yuan, an increase of 9.7%, and the urban unemployment rate was controlled within 3%.

- People's livelihood security is constantly improving. Adhering to the people's livelihood orientation, the annual expenditure on people's livelihood is 3 billion 768 million yuan, accounting for 73.8% of the public expenditure. Improve medical insurance, the annual medical insurance fund expenditure 499 million yuan, a total of 1 million 150 thousand people benefited, urban and rural residents medical insurance to achieve full coverage. We should strengthen housing security, build 855 sets of affordable housing, and transform 6800 households in rural areas to effectively alleviate housing problems. Efforts to promote employment, free training of rural construction craftsmen, e-commerce talents more than 7400 people, the number of new town employment 6236 people, rural labor force transfer employment 13 thousand and 900 people.

- social undertakings continue to develop. We should take the poverty alleviation as the "first livelihood project", vigorously promote the "ten major poverty alleviation projects" such as industrial poverty alleviation, education and poverty alleviation, and so on. 11 poverty-stricken villages will be lifted off poverty and removed their hat and 10 thousand and 800 people will bid farewell to poverty. Insisting on education as the "largest livelihood project", the construction of the ten major education projects, such as Guangfeng Zhen Bai middle school with a total investment of 1 billion 60 million yuan, has been launched in a comprehensive way. The campus has been expanded by 700 mu, with more than 8700 new degrees, 3379 NEW toilets and 450 thousand new books. The reform of public hospitals should be deepened, and all public hospitals in the district should be abolished. To improve the medical infrastructure, the surgical building of the District People's hospital has been built and the main project of the first aid center of the District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has been completed. The CDC construction project is stepping up, and 6 new health centers such as Dongyang and Feng Xi have been completed and accepted. 7 township hospitals in Yongfeng and Tong fan have completed the construction of the Chinese Medicine Museum.

- social governance has been continuously strengthened. We will push forward the construction of "safe Guangfeng" and invest 30 million yuan to realize the full coverage of 23 townships (streets) Skynet system, establish a "ground network" service platform, and integrate the key parts of the region's video monitoring points. Cracking down on all kinds of illegal activities and effectively maintaining social harmony and stability. We should strengthen the work of safety supervision, and constantly increase the supervision of fireworks, coal mines, non coal mines, hazardous chemicals and other key industries and fields, and the safety production line in the whole region will remain stable. We should strengthen the work of maintaining stability in letters and visits, actively promote the settlement of letters and visits, and adhere to the system of public visits to two levels of leaders in rural areas. A large number of accumulated cases and old cases have been properly resolved. The three level comprehensive management center of villages and towns was established, and the comprehensive management service mode of grid management was completely rolled out. The social governance service system was further improved, and the public safety sense and public satisfaction evaluation of the whole area were improved by two ways.

In addition, statistics, meteorology, science and technology, archives, food, fire, civil air defense, insurance, post, Taiwan, telecommunications, petroleum, local chronicles, earthquake preparedness and disaster reduction, radio and television, press and publication, national defense education, double support and co construction, ethnic religion, foreign affairs, overseas Chinese Affairs and militia reserve work have continued to be strengthened, including aging, women, children, disabled persons' Federation, literary Union, supply and marketing, charity, trade unions, and red. There are new developments in various fields such as the cross society.

Over the past year, we have continuously strengthened the government's own construction, and always acted as the action guidelines for government work by law officers, pragmatic officers, efficient officers and honest officers. They conscientiously accepted the legal supervision of the NPC and the democratic supervision of the CPPCC, and took the initiative to report to the district people's Congress and its Standing Committee and notify the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee of the CPPCC. 160 people's congresses were recommended to be held on schedule. 157 proposals were made, with a 100% completion rate and a satisfactory rate of 97%. We should strengthen the system of fund allocation, unified collection of land and housing, auditing of project budget and final accounts, and more standardized operation of government power. We must strictly implement the system of hotline handling and open government affairs, and handle 1129 requests from the masses. The rate of completion is 100%, and the openness of government affairs is 100%. "65" popularize the law and perfect the ending, and win the title of "advanced county (city, district) of rule of law propaganda and education in the province". We should carry out the "two learning and one learning" education, strictly implement the responsibility system for building a clean and honest government, resolutely implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, strictly control the expenditure of "three funds", and make the political ecology clearer.

Delegates! These achievements have been benefited from the correct leadership of the higher level party committees, the government and the district committees, benefiting from the supervision and support of the NPC and CPPCC committees, benefiting from the good foundation laid down by successive governments, benefiting from the hard work of the people of the whole region, and benefiting from the concern and assistance of all sectors of society. Here, on behalf of the District People's government, I would like to convey to all the people who worked hard in all fields, to the deputies and CPPCC members who strongly support the work of the government, to retired cadres and veteran comrades, to all democratic parties, the Federation of industry and commerce, non Party Organizations, people's organizations and people from all walks of life, to all the officers and men of the armed police, the public security police, and to the provinces and cities stationed in the area. Those who support and participate in the construction and development of Guangfeng express heartfelt thanks and respect.

Delegates! While affirming the achievements, we should also soberly recognize the difficulties and problems encountered in the development. The main problems are: the industrial structure is not good, the new industries have not yet formed the great agglomeration effect, the tasks of upgrading and upgrading the traditional industries are arduous, the gap between urban and rural development is still large, and there is a gap between the development of the rural areas and the masses. More, the task of urban management is still arduous, the level of innovation management needs to be further improved, and so on. In this regard, we must remain sober minded, face up to problems and take effective measures to solve them effectively.

Two, 2017 work arrangements

2017 is the nineteen anniversary of the party's great celebration. It is an important year for the implementation of the 13th Five-Year plan. It is a deepening year for the structural reform of the supply side. It is of great significance to do well this year's work.

The general idea of the government's work this year is to fully implement the overall plan of the central, provincial, municipal and district committees, adhere to the general keynote of steady progress, firmly establish and implement the new development concept, take the initiative in adapting to the new normal economic development, accelerate the construction of the "seven districts", and make steady progress in all aspects, including promoting steady growth, promoting reform, adjusting the structure, benefiting the people's livelihood, and preventing risks. To build a new urban area, to fight new industries and to achieve a new leap forward, to meet the nineteen great victories of the party with excellent results.

The main objectives of the regional economic development this year are: GDP growth of 9%, total fiscal revenue growth by 5%, industrial added value of above scale increase by 10.2%, fixed asset investment by 14.6%, total retail sales of social consumer goods by 14.2%, actual utilization of foreign capital by 10%, total export volume by 1.03%, urban residents' per capita disposable income by 10%, and rural residents' disposable income. With an increase of 10%, the registered unemployment rate in cities and towns is controlled within 3%.

To achieve the above goals, we will focus on the following six aspects:

(1) developing new industries and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading

We always regard industry as the "core engine" to drive economic and social development. We must stick to the cultivation of new industries, upgrade and upgrade traditional industries, and constantly upgrade the industrial level.

- continue to strengthen the industrial platform. Taking the successful renaming of Shangrao high tech Industrial Park as an opportunity to accelerate the process of striving to create state-level high-tech zones. We must focus on the electronic information industry park and accelerate the construction of all platforms in the lyang Industrial Park. We should highlight planning and guidance, speed up the compilation of electronic information industrial park planning, and enable industrial platforms to better carry high-tech enterprises. Strengthen factor protection, strive for land use indicators, speed up land approval, land acquisition and demolition progress, and continue to do a good job of "cage changing birds" article, strive for new industrial land 1 square kilometers throughout the year, land 1000 mu, land 500 mu. We should improve infrastructure and coordinate the layout of infrastructure such as water, electricity and road networks, and accelerate the construction of Xia Feng Road, Yanhe Road, Cloud Road, 10KV electric power and water supply pipe laying. Strive to achieve the main business income of the park 71 billion yuan, an increase of 15.8%.

- accelerate the growth of leading industries. We will accelerate the agglomeration of the two high-tech industries of electronic information and new materials, and strive to build a new industrial pattern for the development of leading industrial clusters. Promote the project landing effect, accelerate the construction of new graphene materials, Fu Rong precision electronic accessories, Zenyang LED, automotive electronics, mobile phone components and other projects. We should carry out industrial investment and actively attract leading projects in the industry, and strive to introduce more than 100 million yuan projects over 10 yuan, 500 million yuan or more items, 5 items, and 1 billion yuan or more projects, and create two billion industrial clusters of electronic information and new materials in the whole year. We should upgrade and upgrade traditional industries, accelerate the process of technological transformation of tobacco plants, promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as nonferrous metals and paper industry, extend the industrial chain, and renew the vitality of old industries.

- constantly optimizing the development environment. We must strictly implement the "industrial day" system and the "regular scheduling, special topic scheduling, WeChat scheduling" scheduling mechanism, and effectively improve the project operating rate, capital injection rate, completion rate and commissioning rate. We should constantly improve the service mechanism of enterprises, fully implement the service system of parallel examination and approval, whole process agency and overtime acquiescence, and be a good "babysitter". We will continue to promote special actions to reduce costs and optimize the environment, and increase the support of industrial development funds to help enterprises overcome difficulties and increase efficiency. We will strive to add 28 new industrial enterprises to the whole year, and the industry's main business revenue will exceed 74 billion yuan.

(two) develop modern agriculture and promote agricultural quality and efficiency.

We must adhere to the new concept of leading the development of agriculture, vigorously promote the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture, accelerate the process of agricultural modernization, branding and enriching people, promote agricultural production and increase farmers' income, and strive to build a modern industrial system with deep integration of agriculture and the two or three industry.

- speeding up the process of agricultural modernization. We should vigorously develop modern agricultural parks, promote the two phase of modern agricultural demonstration zones, and build projects of leisure agriculture complex such as Fung Shui World suburb, and constantly enlarge the leading effect of modern agriculture. Consolidating the foundation of modern agriculture, speeding up the construction of water network and water-saving irrigation projects, doing well the flood control works of Jun Tan and Tung fan, and the construction of large-scale water conservancy projects such as water saving and reconstruction in Raofeng irrigation area, and strive to include the rural land in Raofeng irrigation area into a national pilot project. We should strengthen the application of modern science and technology, and promote the deep grafting of agriculture and modern information technology and big data technology, so as to accelerate the upgrading of modern agriculture. At the same time, we should speed up the construction of agricultural products e-commerce platform, and actively play the role of "financial benefits farmers credit links" to provide supporting support for the development of modern agriculture.

- speed up the process of agricultural branding. In accordance with the principle of "stabilizing the foundation and expanding the brand", we should push forward the comprehensive development and management of land, continuously improve the land classification and utilization efficiency, and stabilize the comprehensive grain production capacity. We will continue to promote the development of the three leading industries of fruit and vegetable, and strive to increase the planting area of "fruit tea and vegetables" by 30 thousand mu. We should intensify the promotion and integration of special brands such as Ma Jia pun and Tian GUI pear, improve the industrial standardization system, and effectively create the brand of Guangfeng characteristic agriculture. We should promote the construction of "three products and one standard" for agricultural products, and explore the conservation development of Guangfeng native goats, white ear yellow chickens and other local original species. We will strive to add 8 certifications of nuisance free agricultural products, green food and organic food. We should actively promote the coordinated development of green forestry and undergrowth economy, and continuously improve the utilization ratio and comprehensive benefits of agricultural resources.

- speed up the process of enriching agriculture. We should complete the work of rural collective land ownership, push forward the reform of "three rights division" of rural land, and promote the orderly transfer of land. We should develop various forms of moderate scale operation and expand the village collective economy. We will vigorously develop the intensive processing of agricultural products and comprehensive utilization of by-products to improve the efficiency of the whole industrial chain of agriculture. We should actively promote the reform of rural land expropriation, collective operation and construction land entry and homestead system, and effectively enhance the vitality of rural factor market. We will promote the deep integration of leisure, vacation, sightseeing and farming experience, and strive to add 25 leading agricultural enterprises, 80 farmer cooperatives and 81 family farms.

(three) develop modern service industry and continuously cultivate new economic growth point.

We should expand the bonus of the new area, tap the potential of the city's economy, rely on the advantages of Guangfeng's tourism, architecture and finance to promote the prosperity and development of the modern service industry, and continuously enhance the proportion of the service industry in the national economy.

- making excellent modern business and trade. Based on the favorable opportunity for the opening of Shanghai Feng Avenue, we will vigorously develop the modern business and trade, and accelerate the two major commercial complexes of Longhua century and Guangfeng international trade city to achieve the goal of landing. We will continue to implement the "3+3X" development plan, accelerate the development of the electricity supplier industry, and strive to break through the total electricity business volume of 10 billion yuan. We should improve the logistics supporting system, accelerate the construction of logistics network and logistics platform such as Chun long logistics base and Chengnan logistics center, so as to provide support for the vigorous development of the business economy.

- making the modern tourism industry flourishing. We should support the development strategy of Shangrao to create a national tourism demonstration zone, constantly expand the framework of the global tourism development, and strive for the third batch of Jiangxi strong tourism counties. Continue to start the tourism brand of cymbals mountain, accelerate the pace of striving for national 5A level scenic spots. We will actively create a grade a rural tourism spot and strive to add 2 4A level rural tourism spots throughout the year. Accelerate the construction of tourism projects, and focus on promoting the nine fairy lake marriage folk culture village, the military Road Tourism Road diversions and other projects. We should vigorously develop new forms of economy such as the home run economy, and enrich the connotation of tourism. We should pay attention to the integration of tourism development with provincial forest city construction and beautiful rural construction, so as to ensure that all works are resonated with the same frequency and complement each other. Strive to increase the overall income of tourism by 13.5%, and the total number of tourists increased by 15%.

- to make new forms of service industry. Vigorously develop "Internet + modern architecture + modern finance", film and television culture and sports, smart education, equity funds, Internet of things and other headquarters economy, and actively set up the first construction industry innovation alliance in Shangrao Province, the construction industry innovation alliance in Zhejiang Province, and accelerate the establishment of the first construction trade network in the province, and strive to break the Headquarter Economic tax by 450 million yuan. We should develop the big data industry, accelerate the pace of platform construction, improve the policy support system, expand the application areas of services, and strive to build the big data industry into an important pillar of the strategic emerging industries in the whole region. We should continue to strengthen financial support, strive to build small towns with financial characteristics, build a financial gathering area, and actively introduce financial institutions such as banks, insurance, securities and equity funds, and strive to achieve more than 100 billion yuan in tax revenue in the financial industry. We should further explore the resources of Chinese medicine, vigorously develop the Chinese medicine industry, speed up the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, such as Dendrobium officinale, camphor tree and so on, and strive to realize the output value of Chinese medicine industry by 200 million yuan.

(four) improve the urban and rural environment and build a harmonious and livable home.

Around the landscape, humanities and ecology, we should work hard in overall planning, focus on breakthroughs, personalities, build attractive cities, create beautiful villages, and promote urban and rural development.

- actively create beautiful Guangfeng. We should promote the urban development strategy of "upgrading the two sides of the river, building the north of Chengnan City, heading for the high-speed rail era, and integrating into the central city zone" to further widen the urban framework. A good wind vane for urban construction will be set up, a new round of urban master plan revision and urban landscape design will be launched, and the overall urban planning of Shangrao will be fully integrated to achieve complementary development and complementary development with the main urban areas. Push forward the transformation of the "two rivers landscape" of Feng Xi River and Xixi River, create a picturesque river landscape belt; improve infrastructure and speed up the ten roads (Suu five highway, Cuiping Road, sang Zi Road, Yun Ni Road, Zhu Hang Shan Road, hueteng Avenue, hope road north section, Ssang Yuan Road East section, cymbon mountain Avenue east-west extension, Wujian mountain road network three phase), five parks (Zhongzhou) Park, Xixi River Wetland Park, Shui Wei Shan Park, Zhu Hang Shan Park, Diamond Park), three bridges (Fengxi River tail Hill Bridge, Cuiping bridge, Lu Lin Bridge Widening), three bus hub (Chengdong, Chengnan, Chengbei bus hub project) and other projects, and constantly improve the city's function matching. We should continue to make good efforts to rebuild the shanty towns, and vigorously promote the transformation of 6 shantytowns such as the old fleet of birds street, so as to ensure the transformation task of 300 thousand. We should innovate urban management, promote the construction of "smart city", and upgrade the platform of intelligent Skynet, so as to realize the intellectualization and informatization of urban management. We should further promote the special treatment of illegal construction in urban built-up areas, take actions such as "cleaning, lighting, greening, ordering" and upgrading the four modernizations to speed up the construction of garbage transfer stations, the northern part of the area, and so on.

- build a beautiful countryside. Fully implement the "three systems, two restrictions and one concentration" approach, focus on standardizing the building of farmers, strictly implement the system of "three trials and two publicity" and "four on the spot publicity", and vigorously promote the selective auction mode of rural housing construction, so as to ensure that the work of standardizing the construction of farmers' houses in the city is at the forefront of the city. In accordance with the requirements of "one village, one product, one village, one scene, one village, one rhyme", the overall planning of beautiful countryside is launched. We should actively promote the transformation of rural hollow villages and dilapidated houses, strive to renovate 30 hollow villages throughout the whole year, and rebuild 5100 houses in dilapidated houses. According to the principle of "three along the line and three Lian tablets", the 320 main road, the upper Guangzhou highway, the urban area and the Sandu metropolitan area will be transformed and upgraded as an opportunity to speed up the layout of the beautiful rural construction demonstration sites, and promote the construction of the "seven to three networks" and "8+4" project in the new village, and strive to build 20 beautiful rural spots and 345 new rural construction points throughout the year. We will continue to promote the improvement of rural environmental hygiene, and thoroughly carry out rural garbage disposal, and strive to effectively deal with domestic waste in over 98% villages.

- effectively protecting the ecological environment. Striving to create a provincial forest city to ensure timely completion of the task. We must strictly abide by the red line of ecological protection and strive to complete 76 thousand mu of afforestation throughout the year. Protect the wetland ecological environment and strive to control the area of soil erosion 14 square kilometers throughout the year. We should deepen the construction of the "river long system" system, vigorously promote the emission reduction of major pollutants, strengthen supervision and management of hazardous waste enterprises, clean up and rectify industrial enterprises and living sources around the reservoir, and ensure that the water quality of 160 small reservoirs above type II and the main river sections in the whole region reaches three or more. We should develop green ecological economy and push forward the circular production transformation of high-tech zones. We should speed up the construction of sewage treatment plants and pipelines, and strive to collect more than 75% of domestic sewage.

(five) gathering new impetus to speed up the pace of economic and social development.

We must persist in reform and opening up, do not stop, support innovation and entrepreneurship, and continue to enhance the driving force and vitality of economic and social development.

- continue to deepen reform and tackle tough problems. Deepen structural reform of supply side, and exit orderly from coal mines and fireworks enterprises. We should increase decentralization, implement administrative approval online, and enhance the efficiency of administrative services. We should optimize the institutional setup, set up the science and technology sub Bureau of the park and the enterprise service bureau. Start the bus reform of state-owned enterprises and institutions, and ensure that the annual tasks are completed according to time nodes. We will push forward the reform of household registration system and ensure that the household registration is completed in a unified way. We will continue to push forward the reform of the commercial system and further stimulate the vitality of the market. We should deepen the reform of fiscal and taxation systems, actively follow up the reform trends of environmental protection tax and personal income tax, and strive for reform dividends.

- focus on building a new pattern of opening up. Adhering to the principle of quality and quantity and quality first, we should further promote the project of "attracting large enterprises to attract strong enterprises" and "quotient return". We should closely monitor high-tech enterprises and other investment priorities, and fully link up with the world's top 500 enterprises and the top 500 enterprises in China. We will actively introduce leading industries and industrial matching projects with large input and large volume, and continuously extend the chain, supplement chain and strong chain. Changing the concept of investment, vigorously implementing the new mode of industrial fund investment, professional investment and combined investment promotion, will continue to promote all staff investment and precise investment, continuously enhance the effectiveness of investment, and build a new pattern of investment promotion for everyone. Striving for more than 20 million yuan, the project actually invested 5 billion yuan, utilized foreign capital for 119 million dollars, completed the export trade of 280 million dollars, and added more than 15 enterprises on the "restricted business". At the same time, we should vigorously promote competition and strive for more than 2 billion 400 million yuan.

- to support innovation and entrepreneurship. We will continue to promote the construction of the "double innovation" platform, promote the upgrading and upgrading of the existing innovation platform, strive to set up 1 provincial-level engineering and technology research centers, 1 provincial-level "creating spaces", 1 provincial level science and technology business incubators, strengthen the main position of enterprise innovation, increase the support of "branch loan", strive to add 10 new high-tech enterprises, and apply for more than 400 patents throughout the year. Broaden the field of entrepreneurship, adhere to the principle of "prohibition against entry and entry" and encourage the support of non-public enterprises in "the two venture". Cultivate and expand the main body of entrepreneurship, focusing on College Graduates' self employment, migrant workers returning home to start their own businesses and foreign capital entering and starting their own businesses, and increasing the support of entrepreneurial guarantee loans, so that the majority of entrepreneurs can venture, start businesses and create great businesses; vigorously implement the talent plan, solidly promote recruitment, and strive to build long-term mechanisms for attracting, using and retaining talents.

(six) improve the well-being of the people and enhance the happiness index of the people.

Insisting on improving the people's livelihood is the biggest achievement. We should do everything possible to do well in enriching the people, protecting the people and enjoying the people. People's livelihood expenditure has always been increased. The special poverty alleviation fund has not been reduced. The strength of doing practical work for the masses has increased, so that the happiness stream is surging in Guangfeng.

- spare no effort to improve the protection of people's livelihood. Take the integration of urban and rural medical insurance as an opportunity to continuously increase the insured rate of urban and rural medical insurance, and strive to achieve more than 95% annual medical insurance coverage rate. We should increase the intensity of the social security fund's expansion and collection, and strive for multi-channel subsidy funds to consolidate the foundation of social security. We will continue to implement the employment priority strategy, vigorously develop enterprise recruitment fairs, skills training and other activities, strive to increase 6 thousand and 500 new jobs in urban areas, and transfer 15 thousand rural labor force. We should deepen social assistance and assistance, promote the expansion of urban and rural minimum living standards, and improve the living conditions of low-income families. We should accelerate the construction of the elderly activity center and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly. We will launch the construction of two large public welfare cemeteries and guide people to civilized burial. We should pay close attention to the special group, start the construction area of the wandering minors' rescue and Protection Center project, and help the wandering underage children to complete the "home dream". Continue to promote affordable housing projects, and strive to achieve "live and live".

- spare no effort to accomplish the livelihood of the people. Thoroughly carry out the directive spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping, "one can not fall behind" on the well-off road, continue to do well in the first livelihood project of poverty alleviation and strive to complete the poverty alleviation task of the remaining 16 poor villages, and realize the successful lifting of the poverty of the 8800 poor people. We should continue to do a good job in education, the largest livelihood project, and accelerate the construction of ten schools, such as Shangrao health school, Guangfeng Zhen Bai middle school, Chengnan middle school, eleven small, twelve small, sixteen small, North elementary school, primary school reconstruction, Chengnan kindergarten, special education school, and further promote the more equal distribution of educational resources in urban and rural areas. We should do well in all aspects of intelligent education, teacher training, campus management and quality improvement. We should promote the construction of educational informatization and strive to create satisfactory education for the people. We should vigorously promote the construction of "healthy Guangfeng" and accelerate the construction of health care buildings, hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine, maternity and child care centers, etc., and constantly consolidate the foundation of medical services. We will further promote the establishment of health towns, speed up the construction of urban health infrastructure, improve the long-term mechanism for health management, and effectively solve the problems of urban sanitation management. Efforts should be made to raise the level of public cultural services, accelerate the construction of cultural centers and libraries, and further enrich the cultural life of the people.

- spare no effort to maintain social stability. With the idea of "Internet + big data +", we will push forward the construction of public security information and stereoscopic public security prevention and control system, upgrade the existing "Skynet", and promote the organic integration of "ground net" and "Skynet". We should improve the risk assessment and emergency response mechanism for major decision making social stability, intensify the mediation of social disputes, and effectively maintain social harmony and stability. We must crack down on all kinds of illegal activities and ensure the safety of people's lives and property. We must strictly implement the responsibility for safety in production, do a good job of safety supervision in key areas such as fireworks and coal mines, carry out special rectification actions for fireworks and firecrackers retail outlets, and effectively build a safe "prevention and control network". We should intensify our efforts to help the masses recover their losses and strive to defuse the unstable factors. We should strengthen the responsibility for monitoring food and drug supervision, intensify supervision, actively introduce new technologies, enhance testing ability, and ensure food and drug safety.

Delegates! The heavy responsibilities of development, the trend of competition and the expectations of the people put forward new, higher and stricter requirements for the government's own construction. We will strictly administer according to law. Consciously accept the legal supervision of the District People's Congress, democratic supervision of the CPPCC and public opinion supervision by the public, and conscientiously handle the proposals, motions and CPPCC proposals of the NPC deputies. We must strictly implement major administrative decision-making procedures, standardize administrative law enforcement activities, promote government information disclosure, carry out "75" popularization of laws, and further promote the construction of "rule of law in Guangfeng". We will persist in governing for the people. We should actively respond to the demands of the masses and work hard to solve the series of problems that the masses are anxious to see. We should focus more on the people's clothing, food and shelter, industry, education and medical care, increase their income, and do all kinds of practical things that are convenient for the people, benefit the people, enrich the people and benefit the people. We will focus on doing things first. We should actively carry forward the work of "nail the nail" and "do it at once". We must strictly implement the system of first inquiry and time limit, and improve the system of administrative omission, chaos, and slow action. We should improve the mechanism of positive incentives, fault tolerance and error correction, encourage and protect the enthusiasm of cadres in the majority of cadres, and strive to exchange the hard index of cadres for the happiness index of the masses. We will uphold integrity and integrity. We must conscientiously implement the overall responsibility for strictly administering the party and "double responsibilities", strictly implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and the State Council's "Three Laws", strengthen administrative supervision and auditing supervision, strictly control the expenditure of "three funds", resolutely guard against the risks of honest and clean government, and strive to maintain the political and ecological environment of Guangfeng.

Delegates, work hard to create the future and strive for great achievements. Let us unite closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core and firmly rely on the wisdom of Representatives, members and the people of the whole region under the firm leadership of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the District Committee. We must work hard together to achieve the goal of building a new urban area, fighting new industries and achieving a new leap forward.

Notes on nouns and abbreviations in the government work report

1, "five years' decisive battle 120 billion": according to the "Ministry of Commerce and the municipal government," the summer of the five years' decisive battle seven hundred billion "in the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, our district has formulated the development goal of" taking the enterprise as the core and five years' decisive battle 120 billion ", that is to say, by 2020, the main business income of the industrial enterprises above Designated Size will be doubled on the basis of 2015, reaching 120 billion yuan.

2, "five cards in one": refers to the registration system of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, social insurance registration certificate and statistical registration certificate.

3, "branch loan Tong": a new mechanism for the deep integration of science and technology and finance in Jiangxi province. Science and technology departments set up credit risk compensation funds for science and technology SMEs (Science and technology loan compensation), and recommend eligible "branch loan" loan enterprises to banks, and banks provide credit services for lending decisions.

4, "seven districts" construction: the Thirteenth Party Congress put forward the efforts to build high-tech industrial agglomeration area, urban economic core area, Xinjiang River Valley urban area, modern agricultural demonstration area, project promotion leading zone, ecological civilization sample area and comprehensive well-off area.

5, electronic commerce "3+X" development plan: "3" that is to build "one garden, one city and one base", e-commerce Ecological Industrial Park, e-commerce logistics city, e-commerce headquarters economic base; "X" is to set up e-commerce service centers in each township, and build e-commerce service stations in every conditional village.

6, smart city: refers to the use of information and communication technology to detect, analyze and integrate the key information of urban operation core system, so as to make intelligent response to various needs, including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, industrial and commercial activities. Its essence is to make use of advanced information technology to realize the intelligent management and operation of the city, thus creating a better life for the urban residents and promoting the harmonious and sustainable development of the city.

7, "three systems, two limits and one concentration": "three unification", namely unified direction, unified elevation and unified slope roof; "two limit" is the area limited, the total area is not more than 350; the height limit, the total number of floors is no more than three layers; "one concentration", namely the centralized location of building houses (without skylights).

8, "three trial two publicity": public rental housing application audit procedures, "three trial" is the first instance of the district office or Township People's government, urban housing security will be reviewed with the city civil affairs department, city housing security department audit. "Two publicity" means public notice of first instance and public notice.

9, "four to one public notice": refers to the site selection before the commissioning, the arrival of the construction line at the time of construction, the inspection and supervision of the construction site, the completion of the inspection and acceptance, and the administrative villages (neighborhood committees) responsible for the public housing management system for farmers who meet the conditions of building housing.

10, "rural building land selection auction": in order to further standardize the allocation of rural housing area, highlight the advantages of rural housing construction, enhance the efficiency of land use, and reflect the fairness, openness and impartiality of location allocation for farmers' housing construction. Our district will adhere to the principle of "one household, one house" and "compensated location", and try out the way of obtaining regional competitive bidding in rural areas, which is supervised by the township (town) people's government and led by the villagers' Affairs Council. Specifically, the villagers' Affairs Council reasonably determines the bid price and bidding plan for bidding, and reports to the people's Government of the township (town) government for approval, and then adopts the auction mode such as public auction, clear bid and dark throw, and selects the bidding according to the bidding procedure of information release, bidding application, qualification examination, on-site auction, confirmation of bid confirmation and result publicity. Members of this collective economic organization who can apply for the construction of houses in the Guangfeng area and all of them withdraw from the homestead according to the relevant laws and regulations of the "farmers' housing management" in the district can participate in the competitive bidding.

11, "three lines along three lines": "three along the line" that is, along the main line of transportation, along the tourist line, along major projects (precision poverty alleviation, modern agriculture, tourism development and ecological demonstration projects) connection lines; "three links", that is, the arrangement of administrative villages, new villages and old villages, new rural areas and surrounding visual environment.

12, "seven to three networks" and "8+4" project construction: "seven changes", that is, changing roads, changing water, changing toilets, changing houses, changing hurdles, changing the pond, changing the ditch. On the basis of the "seven to three networks" construction, the central village should also do a good job in building the basic public service project of "8+4". "8" is a comprehensive rural public service platform, a health room, a convenience supermarket, a farmer's bookstore, a recreation and Sports Center, a garbage disposal facility, a sewage treatment facility and a public toilet. "4" is a primary school, a kindergarten, a financial service network, and a bus stop.

13, "ten schools" location: Shangrao health school and eleven small schools are located in the stone group of Lu Lin stone pavilion; twelve small and south city kindergartens are located on the west side of the entrepreneurial culture park, and opposite to the thriving international building materials city; the special education school is located at the original silver silver goose base in the Lu Lin Industrial Park; the reconstruction of the primary school is located at the new bird forest street and the thirty-six street traffic light. Chengnan middle school is located on the side of prosperous city and Luzhou Avenue; the sixteen is located behind the broadcasting and television building and the diamond square block.