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Government work report 2018

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Government work report

February 4, 2018, the sixteenth session of Guangfeng District, Shangrao The third session of the people's Congress

Zheng Huasen, head of the people's Government of Guangfeng District, Shangrao,


Now, on behalf of the District People's government, I would like to report to the General Assembly on the work of the government, please consider it, and invite members of the CPPCC Committee and the comrades attending the meeting to make comments.

Review of work in 2017

The past year is the year when the party's nineteen triumph is held. It is also the first year to fully implement the spirit of the Fourth Party Congress and the Thirteenth Party Congress. Under the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the District Committee, with the support of the supervision of the District People's Congress and the CPPCC, the whole region is closely focused on the goal of building a new urban area, fighting new industries and achieving a new leap forward. We must adhere to the new development concept as a guide, unite as one, forge ahead and tackle difficulties, and make steady progress in promoting steady growth, promoting reform, adjusting the structure, optimizing the ecological environment, and improving the people's livelihood. Work well completed the annual target tasks. The GDP reached 37 billion 669 million yuan, an increase of 9.6%; the total fiscal revenue was 4 billion 664 million yuan, an increase of 7.1%; the tax revenue was 3 billion 711 million yuan, an increase of 14.7%. It accounts for 80% of the total fiscal revenue, 9.4% of the industrial added value and 7 billion 336 million of the total retail sales of social consumer goods, an increase of 13.2%; the total retail sales of consumer goods above the limit reached 2 billion 17 million yuan, an increase of 23.2%; and that of foreign trade was 320 million dollars, an increase of 17.9%. It has won 10 national honors such as the national comprehensive strength 100 districts (eighty-first places) and the most powerful investment areas (eighteenth places) in the whole country, and 14 provincial honors such as the pilot demonstration counties of rural industrial integration.

Looking back over the past year, the effectiveness of economic and social development is mainly reflected in the following five aspects:

(1) tackling key problems and achieving new breakthroughs

Over the past year, we have adhered to the idea that the project is king. Opening is the decisive battle. Starting is the trend of sprint, and actively promotes the landing of the project, which provides strong support for the rapid development of the economy and society. The investment in fixed assets was 27 billion 570 million yuan, an increase of 14.5% over the whole year.

- project promotion is solid and effective. 238 key projects were planned throughout the year, with a total investment of 34 billion 300 million yuan. At present, 86 projects have been completed, 146 are under construction, and the operating rate is 97.5%. The total investment is 16 billion 31 million yuan, accounting for 78.2% of the annual planned investment. Among them, 9 projects, namely, technological transformation of tobacco factory, Shangrao health school and Zhen Bai middle school, are included in the provincial and medium-sized construction projects, including 5 modern agriculture demonstration gardens and Fu Rong Electronics, etc., which have been listed in the city leaders' hanging point projects, all over fulfilled the target set at the beginning of the year, and ranked the first in the city. At the same time, we must strengthen factor protection, vigorously promote the comprehensive development and treatment of land, complete land approval 1934.7 mu in the year, complete 3420 acres of land acquisition, realize land revenue of over 2 billion 500 million yuan, strive for 510 million yuan of all kinds of free funds at the higher level, and 410 million yuan of national special bond funds, so as to make sufficient land and capital reserves for the project construction.

Attracting investment has achieved remarkable results. A total of 34 entities were introduced throughout the year, and the contracted capital of the contract was 11 billion 944 million yuan. Among them, there are 30 industrial projects, 11 billion 574 million yuan contract signing funds, 22 leading industries such as electronic information and new materials, accounting for 73.3%, and 14 industrial projects of "Guang Shang Hui", accounting for 46.7% of the newly introduced industrial projects; 20 items of more than 100 million yuan, 9 items of 500 million yuan or more, and 5 items of 1 billion yuan or more. In the whole year, 5 billion 599 million yuan in foreign capital was introduced, an increase of 15.2%, and the utilization of foreign capital increased by $130 million, an increase of 20.7%. Two indicators were ranked first in the city.

The platform is becoming more and more solid. To speed up the application of Shangrao high tech Zone to the national high tech Zone, the industrial development plan and development strategy plan have been preliminarily completed, and the declaration report has been approved by the Ministry of science and technology and other relevant ministries and commissions. High standard planning and design of 4 square kilometers of Electronic Information Industry Park, has now promoted 1.5 square kilometers. We will actively create the "smart Park Service Platform" of the high tech Zone to further enhance the service efficiency of the park. At the same time, the construction of 32 supporting facilities such as road network, power grid and pipe network has been promoted at full speed. The newly built standard workshop is 300 thousand yuan. It has revitalize 315.56 mu of idle land, completed 790 mu of land requisition, and approved 423 acres of land, with a total investment of 467 million yuan. Further consolidate the platform for the development of modern agriculture, and actively promote the declaration of the "national rural industrial integration development demonstration garden" in the Guangfeng modern agricultural demonstration zone. At present, it has successfully entered the Reserve Bank of Jiangxi's national demonstration park, and there are only ten in the province.

(two) new achievements in industrial upgrading

In the past year, we have firmly established the new development concept, vigorously developed the new economy, actively nurturing new kinetic energy, persisted in the main attack on industry and accelerated the development of modern agriculture and modern service industries. The proportion of the three industries was adjusted to 5.9:54.3:39.8 and the proportion of the third industries increased by 1.1 percentage points over the previous year.

- new industrial agglomeration development. Keeping a close eye on the goal of "five years' decisive battle 120 billion", we must adhere to the new industry and the upgrading of traditional industries, and make two mistakes. A number of electronic information enterprises such as Hua Kaifeng technology, Fu Rong Electronics, Yi Kos photoelectric, Zhe Yang LED and so on have been initially built. Kai Qiang industries has been awarded the "provincial two depth integration demonstration enterprise". The technical transformation project of the tobacco factory has been promoted at full speed, with a total investment of 500 million yuan, the 1 million 100 thousand tons special steel technical transformation project of Taiwan Xin steel has been launched in an all-round way. On the other hand, the industrial enterprises have achieved fruitful results, with 41 new businesses and 229 in total. The industry's main business revenue was 70 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 18.1%. Among them, the High-tech Zone completed the main business revenue of 66 billion 50 million yuan, an increase of 15.8%, and was awarded the "2017 provincial two depth integration demonstration park".

- characteristic development of modern agriculture. The leading effect of modern agricultural demonstration has gradually emerged. Guangfeng's modern agricultural demonstration area has successfully introduced 12 agricultural enterprises to settle down, which has solved over 1200 employment and brought about more than 2000 people's income. We have continued to expand the modern agricultural demonstration area in Guangfeng, and have built a "Fung grass field, water Forest Park, embankment Top Road, colorful cloud bridge, beautiful countryside" and "five one" Feng Xi landscape and rural complex. Hengshan upper Fu Mei Xi agricultural ecological park, Yang Kou fairy Valley agricultural reclamation farm, and the bottom of 10000 mu Huahai project has been built. The three leading industries of "fruit, vegetable and vegetable" have been developing continuously, with an area of 308 thousand and 900 mu. Ma Jia pomelo's "East pomelo" brand has been continuously improving. It has successfully organized the investment promotion activities of Ma Jia pomelo in Guangfeng, Shangrao. The Malaysia citrus pomelo characteristic town project with a total investment of 500 million yuan has been officially signed and settled. The first batch of Ma Jia pomelo has been exported to Dubai and has won widespread acclaim. Vigorously promote the construction of high standard farmland, and complete the construction of high standard farmland 3200 Mu throughout the year. There are 5 new agricultural products, three products and one standard, with a total number of 46, 22 new agricultural enterprises with district level and above, 109 peasant cooperatives, 91 family farms, 223 agricultural and recreational projects, and 6700 peasant employment.

The diversified development of modern service industry. The sustainable development of the business sector and the total investment of 2 billion yuan in the Century Square project in Longhua have completed the construction of the main project. The Guangfeng International Trade City project with a total investment of 1 billion yuan has completed the construction of a 250 thousand phase main project. The two large shopping arcade of Tianhong international and Hongxing mekalong are officially signed and settled, and the town of Yang Kou has been granted the first batch of characteristic Commercial Towns in the province. The headquarters economy has been developing rapidly. It has set up the hi tech Zone's headquarters of technological innovation and the economic base of the southern city headquarters. It has entered 78 enterprises and achieved 56 million yuan of tax revenue. The influence of the cultural industry was further expanded, and the first Shangrao Cultural Creative Industry Fair and the first Shangrao revitalization cup woodcarving industry skills competition were successfully held. Big data applications continue to deepen, the province's first construction industry B2B online trading platform - Jiangxi construction industry trading network platform on-line operation. The electricity supplier industry has been developing vigorously, and 2 provincial e-commerce demonstration enterprises have been set up, 171 rural electric business service stations have been built, 160 enterprises have been stationed in the industrial park, and 8 billion 500 million yuan has been achieved, with an increase of 19.7%. The financial industry has been developing steadily. In the first place, the New Fourth Board of the Shangrao hi tech Zone was set up in the Jiangxi Stock Exchange Center. 100 enterprises were screened and listed at the end of the year. The balance of savings and loans at the end of the year reached 25 billion 52 million yuan and 16 billion 699 million yuan respectively, representing an increase of 12.1% and 11.8% respectively. The tourism industry has achieved remarkable results, and the tourism distribution center has been put into operation. The total investment of 1 billion yuan has been officially landed on the eco garden project. Six Shiyan scenic area has been granted the national 3A level scenic spot, adding 6 3A level rural tourism spots in Jiangxi Province, and the number of tourist arrivals and tourism comprehensive income has increased by 52% and 43% respectively. Real estate continued to rise, the annual sales of commercial housing sales of 726 thousand and 700, an increase of 79.3%.

(three) urban and rural construction presents a new look.

Over the past year, we have adhered to the coordinated development of cities and rural areas, speeding up project construction, increasing capital investment, and strengthening management and upgrading. At present, the urban population reaches 283 thousand, and the built-up area is 28.8 square kilometers.

- infrastructure continues to improve. Road network. The upper Pu expressway was approved to land and the preparatory work was intensified. The 16 road network projects such as the widening of Su five highway, the three phase of Wujian mountain road, and Yun Ni road have been opened to traffic, with a total investment of 345 million yuan. Completed the county road upgrading and transformation 39.6 kilometers, rural roads narrow road widening 50 kilometers, natural village road mileage 232.5 kilometers. Park area. The water tails Park, central Zhou Park, diamond leisure square, water Forest Park and dike top park have been opened. The city park and Xixi River Wetland Park are advancing at full speed. Bridge aspects. The completion and opening of the Lu Lin Bridge Widening and transformation project completed the completion of the Three Gorges' Cloud Bridge and Huang Jia Shui water ecological bridge project. Power. The project of 500 thousand 150 volts and high voltage transmission and transformation project was completed and put into operation. Water conservancy. The 9 major water conservancy projects, such as renewal and matching, water-saving transformation, rural hydropower efficiency enhancement and capacity expansion, have been completed and the investment has been totaled 258 million yuan. Bus hub. Chengnan passenger transport hub, which has a total investment of 60 million yuan, will be completed and completed.

Urban environment continues to optimize. The transformation of shanty towns has been continuously promoted, and 6 shed renovation projects, such as the old convoys of birds street street and the Dongguan area, have been promoted in an orderly way. We have carried out 7 major renovation actions: "demolition of three houses, four chaos", outdoor advertising in urban areas, engineering waste, and three packages in front of the building. We have totally demolished 170 thousand and 200 illegal buildings, cleared 2.5 kinds of illegal billboards, and constructed 23 standardized flushing platforms. Fan temporary vegetable market, North Gate Road Market Road business problems. We should pay attention to the innovation of urban management, implement the "street length system" in an all-round way, and accumulate more than 2200 kinds of problems. Invested more than 800 yuan to add sanitation cleaning equipment such as environmental sanitation sweeper and so on.

- the rural landscape has been improving. Invested 530 million yuan to complete the 8 main passages of 320 National Road, Shanghai Guangzhou railway and Guangzhou pipeline, and build 409 new villages. A total of 4 million 40 thousand housing facades were renovated, and 471 kilometers of roads were renovated and repaired, renovated, new drainage ditches, 258 kilometers of sewers, 25 thousand households converted to water and toilets, and three square rooms were demolished. We have continued to promote the special treatment of rural domestic waste and invested 41 million 187 thousand yuan. 5 refuse transfer stations have been built, 17 are being built, 77 thousand tons of garbage have been cleared, 2944 rural cleaners are employed, and the effective disposal rate of rural domestic waste is more than 95%. Strictly regulate the building of farmers, vigorously implement the land selection auction mode, and sell land 27 thousand yuan a year to achieve land revenue of 18 million 683 thousand yuan. The reform of homestead management has been launched, and 2438 homes have been withdrawn from the old home base, leaving an area of 167 thousand.

- ecological advantages continue to consolidate. We must continue to fight the three campaigns of "clean space, clean water and clean land", implement the "river length system" thoroughly, and resolutely fight against the elimination of bad V water campaign. All the 21 metal processing enterprises in the region have all installed waste gas treatment facilities, and have totally closed down 62 illegal pig farms and 38 illegal sand mines. We should actively carry out the delineation of "three zones" for livestock and poultry, and successfully complete the task of delimiting prohibited areas, restricted areas and suitable areas. The on-line monitoring platform for pollutant emissions was successfully launched, and real-time monitoring was carried out on the enterprises involved in the water discharge. We should promote the reform of environmental protection law enforcement, set up a contingent of "environmental police", and further enhance the effectiveness of environmental protection law enforcement. We should strengthen the construction of sewerage network, invest 107 million yuan to build a sewage pipeline network for 54.46 kilometers, and fulfill the provincial target task. Strictly abide by the red line of ecological protection, and complete the verification work of 368 square kilometers of ecological protection red line. Over the year, 16 thousand and 500 mu of afforestation and 11 thousand mu of farmland for forest have been completed. The water quality compliance rate of the whole river section reaches 95.8%, the excellent and good rate of ambient air quality is 95.6%, the forest coverage rate reaches 56.4%, and the tree greening rate reaches 60.9%, which is awarded the title of "provincial forest city".

(four) reform and innovation, and release new vitality.

Over the past year, we have made solid progress in tackling the challenges of reform and fully supported innovation and entrepreneurship, and have been gathering momentum for economic and social development.

The pace of reform is powerful and forceful. Strict implementation of the task of reform of the higher authorities, 8 national and provincial reform pilot work at full speed, 2 reform pilot completed, 118 reform tasks accurately landing. In depth, the supply side structural reform will be further promoted. The inventory of commercial housing in the whole region will be reduced by 726 thousand and 700, and the de chemical time will be shortened to 6 months. The special action of reducing costs and excellent environment has achieved remarkable results, reducing the burden of enterprises by more than 390 million yuan throughout the whole year. We should deepen the reform of the "letting out service" and make it possible to expand the project from the past "zero project" to 55 items. We have promulgated the list of power and responsibility lists of villages and towns (streets) and lists of public services, and the administrative services are more efficient, standardized and transparent. We will push ahead with the reform of agricultural reclamation, and set up the Guangfeng agricultural reclamation group in the first place in the province. Continue to promote investment and financing reform, becoming one of the first counties in the city to set up green investment companies. Deepening the reform of agricultural and rural areas, and promoting the registration and certification of the right to contracted management of rural land in an orderly way, accumulative total of 147 thousand and 600 households, with an area of 292 thousand and 500 mu. We will accelerate the reform of the medical and health system and complete the integration of the basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents.

The effectiveness of innovation has been constantly highlighted. We should encourage and guide enterprises to innovate independently, and increase the support of "finance Park credit link and branch loan link". The total number of patent applications has reached 463 pieces, an increase of 53.8% over the whole year, and the authorized quantity has reached 291, an increase of 132.8%. First, set up a technological development center in the city, and continuously improve the level of scientific and technological innovation. At present, the high-tech zones have 2 provincial-level enterprise technology centers, 3 specialized and special new enterprises, and 3 provincial intellectual property rights cultivation enterprises. There are 1 new provincial science and technology incubators and 2 municipal engineering and technology research centers all year round, and 12 new high-tech enterprises, with a total number of 20, with the growth rate ranked first in the city. It was awarded the title of "national pilot area for strong intellectual property rights projects".

The entrepreneurial atmosphere is more intense. We will actively optimize the platform for entrepreneurship, adding 1 new state-level startups to the whole year and 1 at the municipal level. At present, there are 3 public level spaces in the city, 3 in the district level, 3 in business incubator, and 366 in total. Annual business guarantee loans amounted to 134 million yuan, accounting for 121.9% of the annual plan. Among them, the issuance of personal business guarantee loan is 95 million 885 thousand yuan, supporting 631 people to become small boss, driving 2407 people to obtain employment. We should intensify entrepreneurship training, complete 1323 business training throughout the year, and complete the annual target tasks. Vigorously carry out the registration system of "twenty-four certificates in one, one by one", accumulatively distribute 1259 business licenses of "twenty-four certificates in one", 3143 registration cards of "one photo and one yard", 4828 newly registered non-public economic entities in the region, 17% increase, and 8 billion 910 million registered capital, an increase of 36%.

(five) the well-being of the people has been improved.

Over the past year, we have adhered to the needs and expectations of the people, giving priority to protecting people's livelihood, vigorously developing the cause of people's livelihood, and doing everything possible to benefit the people. The per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 33800 yuan, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents reached 15100 yuan, an increase of 9%.

Poverty alleviation has achieved remarkable results. We must persist in taking the tackling of poverty alleviation as the biggest political task, the largest livelihood project and the greatest responsibility. We must strictly control the "two no worries and Three Guarantees" standards, and innovate the implementation of the "1+1" truth connection mechanism of a family meal and a night visit to further promote the "eleven major poverty alleviation projects" such as industry, education, health and housing. Putting in 130 million yuan to achieve the full coverage of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation in industries, and carefully constructing the "five guarantee lines" for health poverty alleviation, the first development of the healthy poverty alleviation reimbursement system in the city, and the establishment of a one-stop reimbursement service window to achieve the proportion of poor households in the hospital reimbursement of more than 90%; the implementation of the "five batch" project for education poverty alleviation, for the relief of 6551 children from poor families. Put all kinds of funds 54 million 120 thousand yuan; implement 1200 public service positions, so that poor people at home to achieve employment. The region has invested 456 million yuan in poverty alleviation funds, completed 2 provincial poverty villages, and 3051 out of 780 households have achieved stable poverty relief, and the incidence of poverty has dropped to 1.4%.

People's livelihood security is more powerful. Adhering to the people's livelihood orientation, the annual expenditure for the people's livelihood reached 4 billion 552 million yuan, accounting for 75.9% of the public budgetary expenditure, an increase of 20.8%. Social insurance coverage such as pension, unemployment, work-related injury, birth and medical care has been expanding. We should expand the deposit base of housing provident fund, put the payment of basic old-age insurance in institutions and institutions into the scope of deposit, and invest 11 million yuan in the whole year. We need to strengthen employment training and free training for more than 2900 people, such as housekeepers, electricity providers and so on. The number of new urban employees has increased by 5139 throughout the whole year, and 9680 rural labor force has been transferred. We will continue to implement affordable housing projects, build 703 sets of affordable housing, and transform 1516 households in rural areas. The work of rural housing insurance has been carried out in an orderly way, and the insured rate has reached 100%. Improve the level of social assistance, the district rescue and Protection Center for wandering minors completed.

- coordinated development of social undertakings. Adhere to the priority development of education, accelerate the construction of "ten schools" in Shangrao health school, Zhen Bai middle school and Chengnan middle school. Among them, Zhen Bai middle school, Chengnan primary school (including kindergarten) and special education school have been built and put into use. The reconstruction project of the primary school is about to be completed, with 13 thousand and 800 newly added degrees, and efforts are being made to solve the problem of "large class size". 86 basic education projects have been implemented throughout the year, 83 have been started, 78 have been completed, and the completion rate has reached 90.7%. Constantly improving the quality of education, the college entrance examination has achieved the best results since 1990. We should improve the medical infrastructure and speed up the construction of medical projects such as the building of the internal medicine department of the District People's Hospital, the building of the Chinese medicine hospital, the relocation of the maternal and child health care centers, etc. the main works of the lower reaches, Dashi, Dalong, quanbo health centers have been completed. The Dashi, Hu Feng and townships and townships have completed the construction of the Chinese medicine center and won the title of "national model of maternal and child health and quality service demonstration counties (cities, districts)". Constantly improving the level of public cultural services, libraries, cultural galleries, museums, "three museums" construction is advancing rapidly, and the integration of radio and television networks has been steadily advancing.

- the overall social situation is harmonious and stable. We successfully completed the major security tasks of the nineteen big and Xiamen BRICs meetings. To carry out special actions such as "Gan Jian" and "fox hunting", the effective police, criminal police and administrative (police) situation decreased by 7.1%, 14.2% and 16.6% respectively. Invested more than 1400 yuan to complete the construction of the "smart police" of public security. The whole area has added "Skynet" video surveillance 798 ways, integrating two or three types of video surveillance 4100 roads, and realizing the coverage of the main roads, public security complex places and key places in the jurisdiction area, and comprehensively improving the ability of social order prevention and control. We should strengthen the work of safety supervision and constantly increase the supervision of fireworks, coal mines, non coal mines, hazardous chemicals and other key industries and fields, and achieve zero casualties and zero accidents throughout the year. Letters and visits have improved significantly. During the nineteen big and Xiamen BRICs meeting, they visited Beijing to achieve "zero registration", and the number of visits to provinces and cities was greatly reduced. A large number of accumulated cases and old cases were properly resolved. Grid service management promotion work effectively promoted, social governance service efficiency further improved.

In addition, statistics, meteorology, science and technology, archives, food, fire, civil air defense, insurance, post, Taiwan, telecommunications, petroleum, local chronicles, earthquake preparedness and disaster reduction, radio and television, press and publication, national defense education, double support and co construction, ethnic religion, foreign affairs and overseas Chinese Affairs and militia reserve work have been strengthened. Youth League, Social Science Federation, Red Cross Society and other undertakings have made new progress.

Over the past year, we have continuously strengthened the government's own construction, promoted the institutionalization of "two learning and one learning" normalization, and improved the work style of Party members and cadres in the government system. Consciously accept the legal supervision of the District People's Congress and democratic supervision of the CPPCC. 101 NPC deputies and 88 CPPCC proposals have been processed. The rate of completion is 100% and the satisfaction rate is 97%. We should strengthen the reform of the effectiveness of the organs and the administrative examination and approval system, and constantly enhance the credibility and execution of the government. "75" promotes the orderly development of the rule of law and further enhances the awareness of the rule of law among the whole people. Conscientiously implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, strictly control the expenditure of the "three public" funds, and the rate of on-line public consumption platform of the whole area's financial appropriation units is 100%, and the total expenditure for the three years of the whole year is 1% lower than that of the previous year. We must strictly implement the main responsibility of the party conduct and clean government and "double responsibilities", intensify administrative supervision, audit supervision and open government affairs, and push forward the building of a clean and honest government and anti-corruption work.

Delegates! The achievements made in the past year have benefited from the correct leadership of the higher level party committees, governments and district committees, and benefited from the supervision and support from the District People's Congress and the CPPCC, benefiting from the hard work of the whole people and benefiting from the care and assistance of all sectors of the community. Here, on behalf of the District People's government, I would like to convey to all the people who worked hard in all fields, to the deputies and CPPCC members who strongly support the work of the government, to retired cadres and veteran comrades, to all democratic parties, the Federation of industry and commerce, non Party Organizations, people's organizations and people from all walks of life, to all the officers and men of the armed police, the public security police, and to the provinces and cities stationed in the area. Those who support and participate in the construction and development of Guangfeng express heartfelt thanks and respect.

Delegates! While affirming our achievements, we should also soberly recognize the difficulties and problems encountered in the development. The main points are: the total economic volume still needs to be further expanded, and there are not many large projects with strong driving force; the advantages of location and resources have not been fully demonstrated, and the problems of unbalanced development and inadequate allocation are still outstanding. There is still a gap in expectation among the masses. The task of urban management is still arduous, and the level of innovation management needs to be further improved. We will attach great importance to it and take effective measures to solve it.

Two, 2018 work arrangements

2018 is the beginning of the implementation of the nineteen great spirits of the party. It is the 40th anniversary year of reform and opening up. It is the key year for the success of building a well-off society in an all-round way and the implementation of the 13th Five-Year plan. It is of great significance to do well this year's work.

The general idea of the government's work this year is to fully implement the spirit of the nineteen Party Central Committee, the central economic work conference, the provincial and municipal plenary session and the provincial and municipal people's Congress. Guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and in accordance with the requirements of high quality development, we should adhere to the general keynote and stick to the new development concept and adhere to the structural reform of supply side as the main line. Promoting steady growth, promoting reform, adjusting the structure, optimizing the ecological environment, benefiting people's livelihood and preventing risks, promoting the sustained and healthy development of the economy and society, and speeding up the historical process of "building a new urban area, fighting new industries and achieving a new leap", and strives to open up a new position for the reform and development of Guangfeng in the new era.

This year's main economic development targets in the region are: GDP growth 9%, total revenue growth of 8%, breakthrough 5 billion yuan mark, industrial added value of above scale increase 9.5%, fixed assets investment growth 12%, total retail sales of social consumer goods increase 13.3%, actual utilization of foreign capital growth 10%, export volume growth 3.5%, urban residents per capita disposable income growth 9.2%, rural residence The total disposable income of the people increased by 9.3%; the registered unemployment rate of the town was controlled at less than 2.8%; and the planned task of the upper level was completed by energy conservation and emission reduction.

To achieve the above goals, we will focus on the following five aspects:

(1) continuously optimize the industrial system, and strive to improve the quality of development.

We must unswervingly implement the new concept of development, strive to optimize the industrial structure and enhance the effectiveness of the industry, and continuously push forward the new economic momentum of the economy and optimize the industrial system.

- accelerating the development of new industrial kinetic energy. We should do a solid job in the high-tech zones and complete the declaration work of the national high and new technology zones. We will actively promote the development of new and high tech parks. We should speed up the construction of infrastructure such as road network, power grid and pipe network, and focus on the construction of the two phase of the sewage pipe network in the park, and further improve the supporting functions. The construction of standard workshop will be strengthened, and a standard workshop will be built 1 million times a year. We should continue to do a good job of clearing the cage and changing birds, and clearing industrial idle land. We will revitalize the idle land 1200 mu in the whole year, push forward the work of land requisition and approval, and complete 2000 acres of land requisition, 1400 acres of land approval, and continuously improve the carrying capacity of industrial development. We will strive to create two billion industrial clusters of electronic information and new materials. We will accelerate the pace of construction of the electronic information industry park and further expand the area of built-up area by 1 square kilometers. Vigorously implement industrial investment, strengthen project tracking services, and promote the leading industries, especially the electronic information first industry, to grow stronger, and strive to introduce more than 100 million yuan projects over 25 yuan, 500 million yuan or more, 6 projects and more than 1 billion yuan projects in the whole year. Based on the advantages of black talc resources, efforts should be made to increase industrial cultivation, do everything possible to crack development bottlenecks, and build high standards of 2 square kilometers of black. The talc Technology Industrial Park has built an industrial development platform integrating production, research and development and sales, vigorously developing the deep processing industry of black talc, and extending the industrial chain. We will go all out to promote the upgrading and upgrading of traditional industries, consolidate the foundation for steady growth, speed up the progress of technological transformation projects in tobacco factories, and constantly stimulate the potential benefits of traditional industries. We will strengthen the "integration" work of the Tatu industrial enterprises, ensure that there are 35 new industrial enterprises, and the industry's main business revenue exceeds 80 billion yuan, and the main business revenue of Shangrao hi tech Zone exceeds 75 billion yuan.

- accelerating the development of new agricultural kinetic energy. We should vigorously promote the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture, continuously strengthen the leading effect of modern agricultural demonstration, increase investment in industry, expand the scale of planting in modern greenhouses, and effectively enhance the quality and efficiency of industry. We should actively promote the vigorous development of new agricultural formats and vigorously develop "four types of agriculture", such as green ecological agriculture, protected agriculture, intelligent agriculture, leisure agriculture and sightseeing agriculture. Accelerate the orderly transfer of rural land, promote large-scale land operation, complete the land transfer of more than 87 thousand acres, add 30 leading agricultural enterprises, 120 farmers cooperatives, and 60 family farms. We will speed up the construction of high standard farmland and complete the task of building 7000 mu. Consolidate the foundation of modern agriculture and speed up the improvement of the agricultural water network and water-saving irrigation system. We will continue to promote the development of the three leading industries of "fruit and vegetable and vegetable", adding 20 thousand mu, 7 thousand and 500 acres of tea and 16 thousand mu of vegetables. To highlight Ma Jia pomelo's "East pomelo" brand building, speed up the construction of the characteristic town of Ma Jia pomelo, intensify brand integration, packaging, publicity and promotion, and strive to make the brand of Ma Jia pomelo more loud and beautiful. We should give full play to the role of "fiscal benefiting farmers and credit links", accelerate the construction of agricultural products e-commerce platform, improve the e-commerce marketing system of characteristic agricultural products, add 30 rural e-commerce service stations, and continuously expand the channels for farmers to get rich and get rich.

- accelerating the development of new kinetic energy in the service sector. To accelerate the success of the two large-scale commercial complexes of Longhua century and Guangfeng International Trade City, we will do a solid job in the docking of the two big shopping malls of Tianhong international and Hongxing MEK long, and create a new height of Guangfeng's commerce and trade. Promote the upgrading of the electricity supplier industry, deepen the transformation of entity retail innovation, promote the integration of online and offline development, and achieve a total turnover of 10 billion yuan. Striving for the third batch of strong tourism counties in Jiangxi Province, and constantly strengthening the leading scenic spots. We will accelerate the construction of tourism projects such as the nine fairy lake marriage folk culture village, the Xiao Feng ecological scenic spot, the Fung river embankment and so on, and promote the 10 scenic spots such as Song Feng ten Du, Jian Di Mu Mu Huahai and so on, and create 3A grade rural tourism spots in Jiangxi province. We should speed up the construction of the eco garden project and strive to build a green ecological town with leisure, health, entertainment and sightseeing as a whole. We should do a good job of the development of "tourism +" integration, constantly enrich the supply of tourism products and extend the chain of tourism industry. The annual total income of tourism and the total number of tourists will increase by more than 30%. We should speed up the development of the Chinese medicine industry, expand the scale of planting Chinese herbal medicine, and accelerate the introduction of a batch of Chinese herbal medicine technology processing projects, and strive to achieve an annual output value of 160 million yuan. We should give full play to the role of financial support for the real economy, constantly innovate financial products, enrich financial formats, accelerate the establishment of Guangfeng financing Guarantee Corporation, and vigorously promote the construction of the headquarters building of Guang Xin Village bank, strive to build a good financial environment, and strive to achieve a tax of 120 million yuan in the financial industry. We should vigorously develop the headquarters economy, give full play to the role of the hi tech Zone's technological innovation headquarters economic Park and the southern city headquarters economic base platform, introduce more headquarters economic enterprises, and strive to break the headquarter's economic tax by 100 million yuan. We should actively develop the big data industry, deepen the application of big data technology, take the Jiangxi construction industry trading network platform as an opportunity to accelerate the creation of a number of emerging technology platforms, and constantly open up the "Internet +" new formats and new models.

(two) integrate urban and rural development and strive to create livable environment.

We should thoroughly implement the strategy of regional coordinated development, adhere to the same frequency resonance and coordinated development of urban and rural development, and strive to improve the quality of life of both urban and rural residents.

- efforts should be made to promote the upgrading of infrastructure. We must spare no effort to improve the urban and rural infrastructure system, accelerate the pace of project construction, and make up for the rapid development of urban and rural areas. Road network construction. We should actively promote the construction of Shanghai Pudong expressway, strictly carry out careful docking and take the initiative to serve as soon as possible, and complete the preliminary work of the project as soon as possible and strive for the early success of the project. We should speed up the road construction of Guang Xin Avenue, Phaeton Avenue, sang Yuan Road, Cuiping road and Xiangyu Avenue, and strive to solve the problem of "broken ends" in the city. Fully completed the upgrading of the old 320 National Road. We will further improve the rural road network conditions, accelerate the construction of the project from Yang kou to Jian Di County Road and upgrade yellow line, complete the upgrading of the County Road 44 kilometers a year, and widen the rural road by 100 kilometers, and strive to create a "four good rural road demonstration county". Bridge construction. Four bridges, such as Cuiping bridge, weidushan bridge, Yingbin bridge and Xia Yang bridge, will be built up, and 15 dangerous bridges in rural areas will be completed throughout the year. The construction of public transport hub. We will complete the construction of Chengdong bus hub project, start the preparatory work for the north bus hub, and create more convenient travel conditions for the people. Park construction. We will accelerate the construction of three parks in the city park, Xixi River Wetland Park and Feng Xi River South Bank Parklands, and start the construction of 5 urban recreational green spaces. Construction of water conservancy facilities. We should do a good job in flood control works in the left and right banks of the urban area, flood control works in Hebei and six Du towns, and the construction of matching and water-saving reconstruction projects in Raofeng irrigation area. We have completed 8 small (2) reservoirs reinforcement, 71 reservoirs restoration, 18 rural drinking water projects, and 3 small watershed soil and water conservation projects. Power guarantee. We will further implement the construction and transformation project of the rural network in 2018, accelerate the construction of the high voltage corridor project in the north part of the city, and constantly improve the power supply system. Toilet construction. We should push forward the "toilet revolution" vigorously, do a good job in toilet lifting, public toilets construction in cities, toilet improvement in rural areas, etc., and build more than 7 public toilet in the whole city. Vegetable market construction. Complete the construction of two vegetable market projects in Chengdong and Chengnan, and create more conveniences for people's lives.

Efforts should be made to upgrade and upgrade the urban environment. We should continue to promote the urban development strategy of "upgrading the two sides of the river, building the north of Chengnan City, heading for the high-speed rail era, and integrating into the central city". We should strictly enforce the standard city of Shangrao, further widen the urban framework, enhance the urban quality and enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity of the city. We should carry out the project of "urban double repair" and launch the special planning of "double repairs to cities". We will accelerate the implementation of the upgrading of the two sides of the river, upgrading the main and secondary roads, upgrading the back streets, upgrading the nodes, upgrading the underground parking lots, and constantly upgrading the value of the city and improving the urban functions. We should do a good job of the "underground pipe network" and complete the laying of urban gas pipelines. We should continue to do a good job of shanty towns transformation, vigorously promote the transformation of 2 shanty towns in the East Street and the northern part of the city, and complete the demolition area of 500 thousand. We should intensify urban management innovation, stress both the construction and management, speed up the pace of building smart cities, and constantly upgrade the level of urban management. In depth, we should carry out special rectification actions such as "dismantling three houses to control four chaos", outdoor advertising in cities, engineering wastes, and three packages in front of the door, so as to strengthen community property management and resolutely punish all kinds of chronic diseases of "dirty, messy and poor" in cities, and promote the urban environment to be more standardized, clean and orderly.

- strive to promote the upgrading of rural features. We should thoroughly implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization and strictly support the development of agriculture and rural areas in terms of manpower, material resources and financial resources in strict accordance with the general requirements of "industrial prosperity, livable ecology, effective rural civilization, effective governance and affluent life", accelerate the integration of urban and rural factors, and strive to optimize the allocation of resources in urban and rural areas. We should continue to do a good job in the construction and improvement of the beautiful countryside spots, and lay stress on the rational layout, create 20 "six good" beautiful countryside demonstration sites, 362 new rural construction points, and 1000 beautiful farmyard. We should strengthen planning and guidance, speed up the revision of township general planning and village planning, and further intensify the compilation of township control regulations, and strive to achieve the full coverage of beautiful rural area planning. We must strictly regulate the building of farmers, expand the reform of rural homestead management, and promote more standardized and efficient management of rural housing. We will actively promote the transformation of dilapidated houses in rural areas and complete 2200 old houses in the whole year. We will continue to promote the comprehensive development and management of land, and complete the inspection and acceptance of 1500 acres of land development projects and 1000 mu of dry land. Adjust measures to local conditions, encourage villages to develop characteristic industries and expand village collective economy. We will continue to promote the special treatment of rural domestic waste, further improve the long-term management and control mechanism, effectively enhance the effectiveness of domestic waste treatment, and guide rural residents to enhance the concept of environmental protection. We should actively innovate rural social governance and improve the rural governance system that combines autonomy, rule of law and rule by virtue, striving to improve the quality of rural residents and strive to create a civilized Xinxiang style.

(three) comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, and strive to enhance development momentum.

We must advance the comprehensive reform in all fields in an orderly way, continue to increase opening up to the outside world, pay attention to innovation and lead, and constantly enhance endogenous driving force and vitality.

- spare no effort to reform. We should continue to deepen the reform of "discharge service", further streamline administrative examination and approval matters, speed up the reform of "run up to one time", strengthen the use of Internet technology, continuously improve the efficiency of administrative services, and strive to achieve "no running at a time". We will further promote the reform of comprehensive urban law enforcement system, accelerate the pace of functional integration, and constantly enhance the effectiveness of urban law enforcement. We will steadily push forward the bus reform in public institutions and ensure that the time and space nodes are able to complete their target tasks. We will continue to carry out special actions to reduce costs and improve environment so as to help enterprises grow bigger and stronger. We should conscientiously do a good job in the reform of the collection and management system of land tax and continuously improve the efficiency of collection and administration. We should deepen reform in the financial sector, innovate the financial system and mechanism, guide financial institutions to increase support for the real economy, and actively introduce more new financial institutions to further enhance their financial support capability. We will push ahead with the new round of reclamation reform and realize the effective transformation of the resources superiority to the development advantages in the reclamation area, and continue to make the farming and reclamation economy bigger and stronger. We will continue to deepen the reform of the medical and health system, intensify the work of the construction of the medical Confederation and the contracted work of family doctors, actively introduce medical personnel, implement the grading treatment in an all-round way, consolidate the basic drug system, and constantly improve the medical service system. We will continue to push forward the reform of the commercial system and further stimulate the vitality of the market. We should deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, improve the management system of enterprises, improve the corporate governance structure, continuously enhance the operation capacity of enterprises, and promote the transformation and development of enterprises.

Persevere in promoting openness. We should pay close attention to the leading industries, especially the electronic information industry. We should thoroughly implement the project of "attracting large enterprises to attract strong enterprises" and "Guang Shang Hui". We should continue to make good use of the investment mode of "top leaders" investment, industrial fund investment, professional investment and entrusted investment, and strive to attract strong projects and industrial supporting projects. We should adhere to and improve the working mechanism of "leading points linked to enterprises", "leading industrial leaders of the district" and so on. We will further increase project tracking services, start construction and supervision and dispatch, so as to promote the early success of investment projects. Firmly establish "business is the best investment" concept, continue to optimize the business environment, and promote the development and growth of settled enterprises. Efforts should be made to cultivate the main body of trade circulation and actively develop foreign trade and cross-border electricity suppliers. We will strive to introduce 2 leading enterprises whose main business revenue exceeds 3 billion yuan. The annual investment of more than 20 million yuan is 6 billion 260 million yuan in actual investment, 150 million US dollars in foreign capital utilization, and 336 million US dollars in foreign trade export.

- do everything possible to make innovations. We should thoroughly implement the innovation driven strategy, intensify the construction of innovation platform, and strive to set up 1 new municipal engineering and technology research centers. We should give prominence to the main position of enterprise innovation, increase the support of "finance Park credit link and branch loan", carry out all kinds of science and technology service activities, such as intellectual property training, and strive to cultivate a group of innovative vanguard enterprises, constantly enhance the proportion of R & D investment in the whole society, strive to add 15 high-tech enterprises, and patent applications amount to more than 550 throughout the year. We will further implement the recruitment intelligence project, improve the incentive mechanism, expand the ranks of scientific and technological personnel, and attract more innovative talents to take root in Guangfeng and serve Guangfeng. We should cultivate and expand the main business entities, increase the support of the business guarantee loan, improve the tracking service mechanism, create a close and efficient entrepreneurial environment for the majority of entrepreneurs, and stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality of the whole society.

(four) promote green development and focus on planting ecological advantages.

Firmly establish and practice the concept of "green hills and clear hills, namely Jinshan Yinshan", actively explore new models of ecological civilization construction, intensify environmental protection, accelerate the formation of green development mode and lifestyle, and unswervingly follow the path of civilized development with production development, well-off life and good ecology.

- promoting ecological management. We will continue to promote the "clean space, clean water and pure land" special action to solve the outstanding environmental problems. We must ensure the quality of the air and pay attention to the renovation work of building dust, road dust, cooking fume, brick kiln, talc kiln and lime kiln. We should effectively protect the quality of water bodies, further implement the "river length system", accelerate the improvement of environmental protection infrastructure facilities such as urban and industrial sewerage networks, accelerate the construction of sewage treatment projects such as the city of gimbun mountain, strictly implement the "three zone delineation", increase the clearance of illegal pig farms, comprehensively improve the non-point source pollution in rural areas, and resolutely eliminate the inferior V water and maintain the quality of water bodies. We will effectively protect the soil quality, accelerate the construction of refuse incineration power plant projects and refuse compacting transfer station projects, and strive to achieve the full coverage of all the township (street) garbage compression transfer stations in the whole region. We should vigorously implement the mechanism of garbage cleaning and cleaning in urban and rural areas, conduct in-depth waste separation operations, and launch the second pollution source census in a comprehensive manner, and resolutely fight the campaign against soil pollution control.

- vigorously develop green economy. We must strictly implement the system of energy conservation assessment, environmental impact assessment and production permit, and make good planning, environmental impact assessment and quality control, and resolutely put an end to the establishment of high polluting enterprises. We should promote the circular transformation of the park and strengthen the energy conservation and emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources. Taking energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection as the starting point, we should strengthen the green upgrading and transformation of traditional enterprises, encourage the upgrading of technological and technological equipment, enhance the level of intensive management and utilization of resources and energy, and further reduce the proportion of energy consumption of 10000 yuan gross domestic product. Vigorously develop the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, and strive to cultivate new economic growth points. We should actively promote the use of "Internet +" to promote green consumption, and promote the cooperation of e-commerce enterprises and entities in the operation of green products and services to meet the diversified consumption needs of different subjects. We should continue to expand the coverage of energy-efficient products such as high efficiency, energy saving motors, energy saving and environmental protection vehicles and efficient lighting products, increase the promotion of new energy vehicles, increase the effective supply of green products and services, and guide and support enterprises to increase their efforts in research and development of green products, and continuously improve the resources and environmental benefits of products and services.

- strengthening ecological protection. We must strictly abide by the red line of ecological protection, vigorously implement the forestry ecological restoration project, and complete 14 thousand mu of afforestation and 23 thousand acres of degraded forests. Protect the wetland ecological environment and complete the 54.36 square kilometers of soil erosion control. We should actively explore the comprehensive management mode of lakes and grasses in Shanshui Lintian, strengthen the prevention and control of geological disasters, and enhance the stability of natural ecosystems. Efforts should be made to enhance environmental protection publicity, develop conservation oriented organs, green families, green schools and green communities, and strive to promote green development and lifestyle in the whole region. We should further play the role of "environmental police" in law enforcement, intensify environmental law enforcement, and strive to form a deterrent effect. We should implement the most stringent system for protecting the ecological environment, improve the system of natural resources development and protection, and ecological compensation, establish and improve the system of environmental responsibility investigation and environmental damage compensation, and implement the mechanism of strict prevention at the source, strict management of the process and severe punishment for consequences, and protect the beautiful homeland of "Tian LAN Shui Jing" and "green mountain green".

(five) adhere to the people centered approach and strive to improve people's well-being.

We should always improve the people's livelihood as the starting point and foothold of the government's work, give priority to safeguarding people's livelihood expenses, comply with the new expectations of the people for a better life, and let the people share the fruits of reform and development.

- keep fighting poverty alleviation. Keep fighting strength and do not relax, tightly around the general requirements of "get rid of poverty and really get rid of poverty", strictly control the "two no worries and Three Guarantees" standard, closely adhere to the "precision" two words, under the "embroidery" Kung Fu, and further implement the five major projects of "industrial poverty alleviation, health and poverty alleviation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation, relocation In 2003, 5 poor villages withdrew and 4560 poor people lifted out of poverty. We should take targeted measures to help the poor in urban areas. We should pay attention to innovative measures in the aspects of capital operation, inspection and evaluation, and dynamic management of poor people. We should unimpede channels for poverty alleviation, mobilize social participation and bring together the strength of love. We should combine poverty alleviation with support, support, support and wisdom to constantly stimulate the endogenous motivation of the poor.

- strive to improve the level of people's livelihood security. We should implement more active employment policies, innovate service models, and do vocational skills training to ensure that 5000 new towns and 8500 rural labor force are transferred. In accordance with the requirements of "bottom line, weaving net and building mechanism", the coverage of universal coverage has been continuously expanded to ensure that the number of insured persons in the region, including basic old-age insurance, basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury and maternity insurance, has reached 366 thousand and 800, 690 thousand, 27 thousand and 800, 30 thousand and 800 and 19 thousand and 800 respectively. We should effectively increase social assistance efforts, strictly implement the policy of double accommodation with preferential treatment, improve the medical assistance system for urban and rural poor people, innovate the ways of relief, and raise the level of assistance. Strengthening coordination and docking, speeding up the inter provincial direct medical settlement work in different places, and constantly increasing the convenience of people to seek medical treatment. We should speed up the development of old-age services, improve the service level of township hospitals, encourage social capital investment, and build a professional pension service provider that integrates medicine and rehabilitation. Continue to promote affordable housing projects, and strive to achieve "live and live". We should speed up the construction of public welfare ashes and burial facilities, guide people to bury in civilization, and enhance the awareness of ecological funeral.

- vigorously developing social and livelihood undertakings. We should continue to increase educational input, standardize preschool education, develop compulsory education in a balanced way, and actively develop vocational education. Accelerate the construction of Shangrao health school, Chengnan middle school, eleven small, sixteen small, North elementary school and other schools, and strive to put into operation at an early date. We should further enhance the level of educational informatization, deepen cooperation among different regions, and strive to form a pattern of modern education development. We should promote the integration of urban and rural compulsory education and make every child enjoy a fair and quality education. We should optimize the management of family planning services, encourage family planning according to policy, and implement various policies to encourage and support family planning. We should do a good job in the relocation of the internal medicine building of the District People's Hospital, the Chinese medicine building, the maternal and child health care center, and complete the relocation project of the Yang Kou, the five and Wu village health centers, so as to further improve the matching level of medical facilities. We will complete the construction of the "three pavilions" in libraries, cultural centers and museums, improve the comprehensive cultural stations in villages and towns, accelerate the construction of comprehensive cultural service centers in villages (communities), ensure the complete construction of the remaining 95 villages (community) comprehensive cultural service centers, and strive to meet the needs of the masses' spiritual culture. We should comprehensively promote the nationwide fitness program, accelerate the construction of health walks and health theme parks, improve the opening rate and utilization rate of public sports facilities, and form a public service system for national fitness.

- to maintain social harmony and stability. We should speed up the construction of the rule of law in Guangfeng, improve the social security prevention and control system, crack down on all kinds of illegal activities and create a safe social environment for the people. We should strictly implement the safety production responsibility system of "party and government responsibility, double responsibilities and dereliction of duty", and increase hidden dangers in key areas, key industries, key enterprises and key links, and manage the outstanding problems. We should keep the bottom line of safety and resolutely curb serious accidents. We should intensify our efforts to visit the country according to law, focus on key letters and visits, intensify social conflicts and disputes, and timely respond to and handle matters of popular appeal, and strive to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses. We should strengthen road traffic control, and strive to improve the level of information, intelligence and refinement of urban traffic management, and build a road traffic safety prevention and control network. We should constantly increase supervision over food, medicine and catering industries to ensure the safety of people's diet and medication. We will continue to promote community grid management, and promote the full coverage of all the township (street) grid management, and constantly improve the level of social governance.

Delegates! Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, putting forward new and higher requirements for the government's own construction. We will fulfill our duties, never slack off, lead the new development with new ideas, create new achievements in a new state, and strive to build a satisfactory government. First, we must strengthen our political stand. We should thoroughly study and implement the nineteen spirit of the party, firmly establish "Four Consciousnesses", and unswervingly arm our minds with Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, unswervingly uphold the core position of general secretary Xi Jinping, and unswervingly uphold the authority and centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee. We must strictly implement the party's basic line and principles and policies, further promote the institutionalization of "two learning and one learning", normalize the education system, and conscientiously carry out the theme education of "never forget the original mind and remember the mission", strengthen our ideals and beliefs, and remain absolutely loyal to the party. Two, we must persist in administration according to law. We should further promote the administration according to law, speed up the construction of a rule of law government, adhere to the law that "no law can not be authorized and legal duties must be", strictly enforce the powers and obligations according to the provisions of the "power and responsibility list", and eliminate the right of legal peripherals. We must strictly carry out the functions of the government, improve the decision-making mechanism of major administrative acts according to law, and promote the institutionalization, standardization and procedure of administrative decision-making. We should vigorously promote the openness of government affairs, consciously accept the legal supervision of the NPC, the democratic supervision of the CPPCC and the public opinion supervision of the public, conscientiously handle the NPC deputies' proposals, motions and CPPCC proposals to ensure that public power runs in the sunshine. Three, we should pay attention to practical work. We must adhere to the requirements of the development of the first priority, and play the role of "baton" in performance appraisal in accordance with the requirements of a clear division of tasks, strict time limits for key tasks and the implementation of important deployment inspections. We should further improve the system of target responsibility, implementation supervision and assessment of rewards and punishments, establish a mechanism of fault tolerance and error correction, strive to play a role in the role of the practitioners, support the doers, solve the problems of different words and deeds, do not cooperate effectively, and shirk the wrangling, and constantly improve the executive ability of cadres, so as to ensure the completion of the objectives and tasks on time. Four, we must persist in governing for the people. Always adhere to the people centered development thought, take the satisfaction of the masses as the ultimate goal and fundamental pursuit of the government work, put the people's clothing, food and shelter, safety and safety in mind, grasp it in their hands, and put it into practice, respond positively to the demands of the masses, meet the needs of the masses, and do their best to grasp the facts of the people's livelihood and solve the unhealthy trend around the masses. To win the trust of the people through solid work and benefit from the actual achievements. The five is to create a clean government. Always put discipline and rules ahead, implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and solve the "four winds" problem. We should strengthen supervision in key areas such as project construction, government procurement and capital utilization, eliminate the rent seeking space of administrative power, and eradicate corruption caused by power. We should fully implement the responsibility system of the party system and clean government in the government system, strengthen auditing supervision, intensify administrative accountability, resolutely correct omission and chaos, resolutely punish dereliction of duty, and strive to create a good environment for clearing the air.

Delegates! New ideas lead to new practice and new era calls for new actions. Let us unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Under the firm leadership of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the District Committee, we must firmly rely on the wisdom of delegates, members and the people of the whole region. We should not forget our hearts and spirits, really work hard and fight hard to create new urban areas for Guangfeng, fight new industries, achieve new leaps and bounds, and open up a new era of Guangfeng reform. Develop new situation and make unremitting efforts!

Notes on nouns and abbreviations in the government work report

1. "smart Park Service Platform": refers to the Internet and cloud computing technology as the support, docking government and service agencies, realize the park enterprise service request, acceptance, progress tracking, reminder supervision, service evaluation, assessment and accountability of the closed-loop service management intelligent comprehensive service platform.

2. "East pomelo": in 2017, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government put forward the layout of "East pomelo, West crab, south red, North Green and Chinese dishes". Among them, "East pomelo" is Guangfeng (Hong Xin) Ma Jia pomelo, "West crab" is Poyang Lake hairy crabs, "south red" is lead mountain river black tea, "North Green" is Wuyuan green tea, and "Chinese dishes" is vegetable basket project.

3. "B2B online trading platform for construction industry": it is a commercial platform for pointer to the exchange and transmission of data and information between enterprises and enterprises through private networks or the Internet. Among them, B2B is business to business.

4. "New Fourth Board": the regional equity trading market is a private market that provides listing, registration, trusteeship, transfer, display services and various kinds of equity, bond transfer and financing services for enterprises in specific areas. It is one of the multi-layer capital markets which are parallel to the main board, the gem and the new three boards.

5. "dismantling three houses to control four chaos": refers to the demolition of illegally built houses, hollow rooms, and old houses, "three rooms", to control chaos and chaos, chaos, chaos, and build "four chaos".

6. "street length system" refers to dividing the streets and lanes into different management grids, and designates the specific responsible persons to implement the division of responsibilities for each management grid. The government management and public service orientation should be concretely, meticulous and responsible, and the management responsibility will be reduced to a small level, thus extending the management tentacles and making the urban governance more effective.

7. "homestead management reform pilot": under the premise of ensuring the collective ownership of land, the implementation of a multi house withdrawal, hollow village renovation and other modes of housing reform pilot village. At present, there are 50 pilot villages in our district, and the next step will be in full swing.

8. the "five safeguard line" for health poverty alleviation refers to five guarantee lines: basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, disease medical and commercial supplementary insurance, medical assistance and warm heart project.

9. the "five batch" project for helping the poor in education refers to the educational poverty alleviation policy of "a number of educational grants, a number of school relief, a group of financial support, a number of social assistance, and a number of departments".

10. "smart police": refers to the video, big data as the core, PGIS (police geographic information platform) as the support, through the interconnection, physical and chemical, intelligent way to promote the comprehensive integration of police information, highly shared and expand applications, to achieve real-time warning for key personnel and vehicles, and achieve visual command and scheduling.

11. "four good rural roads": General Secretary Xi Jinping first proposed in March 4, 2014 that "four good" means "build, manage well, protect well and operate well".

12. "urban double repair" refers to ecological restoration and urban renovation. The key point of ecological restoration is to restore the self regulating function of the urban ecosystem through a series of means, and repair the damaged mountain, river and vegetation in a planned and step by step way. The key point of urban renovation is to continuously improve the quality of urban public services and improve the municipal infrastructure facilities, so that the urban functional system and its carrying space can be comprehensively restored and compensated. Perfect.

13. "six good" beautiful countryside: "six good" means "good infrastructure, good public service, good ecological environment, good industrial development, good rural custom and good community governance".

14. the reform of "running at most" is a deepening reform of "putting the tube into service". It means that through this reform, the masses and enterprises can go to the government to handle administrative power and public services and so on.