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name Said: Expected targets and main tasks of national economic and social development in 2019
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Expected targets and main tasks of national economic and social development in 2019

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2019 is the 70th anniversary year of the founding of new China. It is the key year for building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is of great significance to do well this year's work. The general requirements of this year's government work are: guided by Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, thoroughly implementing the spirit of the nineteen, nineteen second, Third Plenary Session, the central economic work conference, the fourteen fourteen plenary session of the provincial Party committee and the seven plenary session of the four Municipal Committee of the CPC, and implementing the important requirements of general secretary Xi Jinping's work at a higher level, and persisting in seeking stability. Entering the general tone, adhering to the new development concept, adhering to the primary strategy of high quality leapfrog development, and adhering to the structural reform of the supply side as the main line, focusing on the transformation of new and old energy, focusing on upgrading the industry, firmly fighting the three tough battles, deepening reform and opening up, urban and rural construction, livelihood security and social governance, and strive to maintain sustained and healthy economic development and social stability. Ding has laid a decisive foundation for building a well-off society in an all-round way in the whole province and the whole city, and strives to take a solid step in building a new urban area, fighting new industries and achieving a new leap forward, and celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China with excellent results.

The main objectives of the regional economic development this year are: gross domestic product growth of 8.5-9%; total fiscal revenue growth 7%; industrial added value of above scale increase by 8.6%; fixed asset investment growth of about 10%; total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 10.6%; actual utilization of foreign capital increased by 6.8%; urban residents' per capita disposable income increased by 8.6%; and per capita disposable income of rural residents increased. 9.2%, the registered unemployment rate in cities and towns is controlled at less than 2.8%; energy saving and emission reduction have achieved provincial and municipal tasks.

To achieve the above goals, we will focus on the following seven aspects:

(1) vigorously develop new industries and accelerate the upgrading of industrial energy levels.

Focusing on the goal of "double improvement" of the total industrial economy and quality, we must closely adhere to the three key elements of industry, enterprise and project, and firmly adhere to the "main attacking industry and decisive battle zone", accelerate the construction of a new industrial system, and continuously condense the new kinetic energy of the industry.

Accelerate the pace of industrial agglomeration. We will fully implement the implementation plan of the "2050" project of industrial rise and the five year action plan of "2+6+N", vigorously carry out the "consolidation of the county industrial development year" campaign, focus on the three leading industries of electronic information, advanced machinery manufacturing and new materials, and make every effort to invest and recruit large enterprises. We should further exert the professional investment power and strive to introduce a number of leading enterprises and backbone projects to ensure that the whole industry is guaranteed. At least one industrial project with an investment exceeding 2 billion yuan was introduced in 2008. The circular economy industrial park project with a total investment of 6 billion yuan has been signed up to accelerate the development of a group of "unicorns" and "Gazelle" enterprises. In depth implementation of the three year plan of technical transformation of industrial enterprises, vigorously promote the upgrading and upgrading of traditional industries, ensure that the technical transformation of tobacco factories and the construction of Tai Xin iron and steel overhauling project will be completed and put into operation during the year.

Enhance platform bearing capacity. We must keep a close eye on high-tech zones and create state-level high-tech zones. We should do our best to meet all the work approved by the Ministry of science and technology, and strive to win the national brand "gold lettered signboard" at an early date. We will further promote the reform and innovation and development of hi-tech zones, accelerate the pace of economic management authority going down to the park, vigorously implement the "two, three," park management and file raising actions, and constantly stimulate the development power and vitality of the park. We should speed up the construction of the "new nine links and one leveling" project, complete the land leveling of 1000 mu, and push forward the construction of the four phases of Xia Feng Road, Jin Xia Road, Ling Xia Road, the matching of standard factory buildings, electronic information industrial park supporting electricity, and the construction of sewage pipe network in C District of Lu Yang Park. Firmly establish a "hero based on mu yield" guidance, efforts to deal with "zombie enterprises", "zombie project", increase idle land plate vitality, to ensure that the whole year to revitalize idle land 500 mu, completed 1000 acres of land acquisition, approval of land 1000 mu. We should promote the construction of standard factory buildings and the introduction of projects, so as to create favorable conditions for accelerating the entry of projects.

Optimize investment and development environment. Focusing on the goal of "Prospering industries and strong entities", we will continue to carry out special actions to reduce costs and optimize the environment. We must implement various policies and measures to promote the accumulation of production factors, policy resources and government services to the real economy. We should conscientiously implement the tax reduction and exemption policy and speed up the "zero clearing" of administrative fees in enterprises, effectively helping enterprises reduce the cost of labor, electricity, gas and logistics. Efforts should be made to improve the docking mechanism of normalization of government, banking and enterprises, and further increase financial support such as "industry guidance fund, finance Park credit link", and strive to solve the problem of "financing difficulties and financing expensive" of enterprises. We should improve and implement the system of leading points to help and actively implement "one enterprise and one strategy", constantly improve the accuracy of support, and promote enterprises to be stronger, better and bigger. We should actively build "Pro Qing" new political and business relations, and strive to break all kinds of "rolling door", "glass door" and "revolving door" that restrict the development of private economy, and promote the healthy and healthy development of the private economy. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of private entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, ensure their investment and rest assured, develop peace of mind and ease their lives.

(two) speed up the development of modern service industry and constantly expand the industrial format.

We must persist in taking market demand as the guide and promote the upgrading and upgrading of consumption as the goal. We should attach great importance to developing potentials and accelerate the construction of a new system of diversified service industries, and strive to foster new economic growth points in the service sector.

Continue to strengthen modern business. We will actively create a leading benchmark for commerce and trade, and promote the two large commercial complexes of Tianhong international and Hongxing meklung to be effective as soon as possible. We will accelerate the development of a greener four star hotel with a total investment of 300 million yuan. We should further improve various trade infrastructures and lay a solid foundation for the vigorous growth of the business sector. More attention should be paid to the development of rural commerce and trade, closely linked to the goal of diversification, and more efforts should be made to guide and cultivate the rural commerce and trade. Efforts should be made to promote the grafting of modern commerce and information technology, and constantly improve the level of information management in the market, and facilitate more convenient transactions and faster logistics.

Continue to do well in the global tourism industry. We will accelerate the construction of tourism projects such as the two phase project of the magpie Valley to the nine fairy lake, the beautiful village of Hua Jia Yuan, the Longxi village in Dongyang Township, and the Shijing Gorge Scenic Spot in Dongyang township. We should make full use of cultural advantages and ecological advantages to create local characteristics of tourism brand. Closely linked to the "string of dots and lines", we should integrate the elements of tourism resources, increase the docking and interaction with the surrounding tourist attractions, and strive to create more boutique tourist routes. We will continue to improve the level of integration of beautiful rural construction and rural tourism, speed up the improvement of tourist facilities, improve the functions of parking spaces, dining places, beds, toilet seats and stalls, and promote the two tasks of the same frequency resonance and complement each other. We must continue to build the leading tourism brand, vigorously promote the cymbon mountain to create a national 5A level scenic spot, and continuously enhance its popularity and attractiveness. We should strengthen the innovation of tourism services and enhance the quality of tourism services.

Continue to do well in the modern financial industry. We should further improve the financial system and vigorously attract all kinds of financial institutions to settle in to ensure that the Ganzhou branch of the Bank of Guangfeng branch opened in the year and actively introduced the "source of water" in the development of the financial industry. In depth implementation of the enterprise listing "Yingshan red" action, to support the Chongqing network technology in the NASDAQ listing. We should give full play to the role of financial support for the real economy, constantly innovate and enrich financial products, improve and perfect the financing guarantee system, and push more credit funds into the real economy. We must strictly implement the main responsibility for guarding against and defusing financial risks, improve and perfect the risk monitoring and early warning mechanism, increase the prevention and disposition of illegal fund-raising efforts, strictly control the risk of government debt, and make every effort to guard against and defuse major risks.

Continue to make headquarter economy. We should give full play to the role of the carrier of the headquarters of the Chengnan and hi-tech zones, further optimize the policy system, take the opportunity to improve the urban function and quality construction, constantly improve the facilities and facilities, and strive to attract more projects to enter and enhance the overall "agglomeration degree".

In addition, we should continue to do well in the development of service formats such as electricity providers, big data and Chinese medicine, and strive to cultivate more new kinetic energy for the whole region's economic development.

(three) promoting urban construction as a whole and building a livable city.

In accordance with the requirements of "meticulous planning, meticulous construction, meticulous management and exquisite presentation", we will further promote urban function and quality improvement for three years, and carry out solid measures in urban governance, including chaos, chaos, blocking, functional rehabilitation, ecological restoration, highlighting features, lighting and beautifying, improving and improving the eight cities' actions, and accelerating the development of livable cities.

Efforts should be made to improve urban functions. In accordance with the requirements of "one year promotion, two years on the way and three years ahead of the first class", we should adhere to the Shangrao central urban area and speed up the pace of urban functional projects. Road network. Start up the upper Pu high-speed exit line construction. We will speed up the two phases of Guang Xin Road, Phaeton Road, Cuiping Road, Sam Yuan Road, phase 1, North River Road, Dongguan Road, north square road transformation, Shang Cheng Avenue, two phase of Zhu Hang Shan Road, and Zhen Bai Road 10 road construction, complete the 7 km of urban road hardening transformation, and strive to solve the problem of "broken road" in the city. Bridge aspects. Complete the construction of Cuiping bridge. Parking facilities. Completion of the total area of 220 acres, 6 car park project construction, efforts to solve the "parking problem". Park area. Completion of the North River Road, the surrounding commercial city, Weng Ling intersection and other 5 small garden projects. Water conservancy facilities. We should continue to do a good job in flood control works in the left and right banks of the city. Power facilities. We will accelerate the construction of power projects in 1 220 thousand volts and 3 110 thousand volts in Datang, Xia Xi, East Street and Yutian, and constantly improve the power supply system. The construction of public toilets. 13 public toilet were built throughout the year and 2 public toilets were rebuilt. Vegetable market construction. We will accelerate the construction of 6 vegetable market projects in Chengdong, Chengbei, East Street pearl, Nanshan, Lu Lin and Amway District, and create more conveniences for people's lives. Natural gas. We completed 2 natural gas projects in the lower Creek natural gas station and Hu Feng sub transmission station, and accelerated the construction of the natural gas pipeline and the 16 km lake to the lower reaches of the natural gas pipeline network. Garbage transfer station. We have completed the construction of the waste compression center and built 2 urban refuse transfer stations. Sewage pipe network. We will accelerate the upgrading of domestic sewage treatment plants and complete the comprehensive transformation of urban sewage pipe network for 15 kilometers throughout the year. Drainage and waterlogging prevention. Completion of the western part of the drainage and waterlogging prevention project 4.2 km. Other projects. Focusing on outdoor workers and other special groups, we plan to build a batch of "love post" and "Mommy cottage" to make the city more temperature.

Efforts should be made to improve the quality of the city. Highlighting the people-oriented concept and speeding up the compilation of the special plan for urban double maintenance. Continue to do a good job in Feng Xi River on both sides, Feng River Water Street transformation and upgrading. We should highlight the transformation and upgrading of Lane Lane, and complete the transformation of 10 Lane alleys in Tian Gui Road. In contrast with the standard of "300 meters green and 500 meter sight garden", we should vigorously carry out the project of re green, green and green. We should continue to maintain the good momentum of the shed reform work and accelerate the transformation of shanty towns such as the east area of Xujiahe to the south of the East Street. We must continue to control the illegal situation and ensure the zero growth of illegal buildings.

Efforts should be made to strengthen urban management. Taking Shangrao as a turning point to create a national health city and a civilized city, we should focus on the problem of "dirty, messy, poor and blocking" and vigorously promote urban management innovation. Accelerate the construction of smart city management platform, and constantly enhance the level of intelligence, refinement and rule of law in urban management. Efforts should be made to improve the standardization level of environmental sanitation work, and push forward the action of "road color and facade refreshing", so as to ensure that the road sweeping rate in central urban area reaches more than 80%. We should further standardize shop recruitment linen and billboard settings, and start the regulation of urban overhead pipelines. Efforts should be made to optimize the traffic organization in urban areas, and strive to solve the traffic jam problems at the traffic lights of Chengnan primary school and reed forest. We should mobilize the whole people to participate in the supervision and management of the city, promote the people's management of the city and concentrate their efforts on the "great resultant force" in urban management.

(four) implementing the strategy of Rural Revitalization and promoting the modernization of agriculture and rural areas

In line with the general requirements of "thriving industry, livable ecology, civilized rural areas, effective governance and affluent life", we should vigorously implement the strategy of rural revitalization, and strive to make agriculture stronger, the countryside more beautiful and farmers richer.

Vigorously develop the agricultural industry. We will continue to promote the development of the three leading industries of fruit and vegetable, and strive to increase the planting area of fruit, tea and vegetables by 34 thousand mu. We should give prominence to the brand building of Ma Jia pomelo "Dong pomelo", constantly improve and perfect the production, supply and marketing system of Ma Jia pomelo, further promote the development and utilization of the whole fruit, focus on the development of sales channels, exert the role of online sales platform, and continuously enhance the brand influence and industrial efficiency of Ma Jia pomelo. We should increase the protective input to local high-quality livestock and poultry in Guangfeng. We should give full play to the demonstration and leading role of the agricultural park platform, actively introduce a number of leading agricultural enterprises, and continuously enhance the radiation driving effect, and strive to add 30 leading enterprises, 40 family farms and 30 farmer cooperatives. We will continue to promote the construction of high standard farmland and complete the task of 7000 Mu construction.

Continuous improvement of rural environment. In accordance with the goal of basically completing the "four year sweep" in advance a year, we have completed the construction of 597 new rural areas in an all-round way, and strive to create a beautiful rural demonstration spot for the extension section of the Xixi River Wetland Park. We must strictly implement the regulations on the management of housing construction for rural residents, push forward the reform of homestead in depth, and resolutely implement the system of "one household, one residence", "selective auction" and "land ticket", so as to continuously improve the standardized management level of rural homestead. We should continue to promote the improvement of the rural residential environment, highlight the problems of garbage disposal and toilet revolution, and accelerate the construction of 13 Township garbage transfer stations, such as the town of Yang Kou, Tung fan and five towns, and constantly improve the rural environment. Accelerate the construction process of harmless sanitary latrines in rural areas, and strive to basically complete the construction and transformation of rural household toilets in 2020, effectively prevent and control the epidemic of intestinal infectious diseases and parasitic diseases. We will further improve the rural road network conditions and accelerate the construction of the reconstruction project from Yang kou to Jian Di highway. The county road upgrading and transformation will be completed 20 km, 20 km of narrow road widening and 15 rural dangerous bridge reconstruction throughout the year. 1500 households in rural dilapidated houses were completed. We should co-ordinate and promote the construction of water conservancy projects, complete the reinforcement of 6 small (2) reservoirs, the renovation of 69 reservoirs, the 25 rural drinking water projects, and the construction of 1 small watershed water and soil conservation projects. We will continue to promote land development and renovation work, and implement a number of projects to increase or decrease the number of urban and rural construction land, and strive to complete 10 thousand acres of land and 10 thousand acres of land in the whole year.

To drive farmers to become rich. We should reform the rural collective property rights system and lay stress on the revitalizing and utilization of rural idle land, idle land, abandoned farmland, abandoned pig farms and brick tile kiln, so as to further cultivate and expand the village collective economy. We should vigorously implement the new vocational farmers' cultivation project, further play the role of helping the rural rich, raising large farmers and so on, and encourage and guide farmers to integrate and utilize the existing factor resources, develop their own industries according to local conditions, and do everything possible to widen the channels for increasing farmers' income. Efforts should be made to increase the intensity of rural land circulation, promote large-scale agricultural operation, and promote the realization of farmers' land appreciation and strive to complete the land transfer of 15 thousand mu. We should actively carry out various forms of rural employment and entrepreneurship promotion so that more farmers can get jobs and start businesses at home. We should constantly improve the rural governance system that combines autonomy, rule of law and rule by virtue, thoroughly implement the training project of "law understanding people", vigorously carry forward the fine traditional culture, strive to improve the quality of rural residents, and achieve the "double harvest" of farmers' material and spiritual resources.

(five) constantly deepen reform and opening up and innovate, and continuously enhance the vitality of development.

We must persist in taking reform and opening up as an important magic weapon for promoting development. We will unswervingly carry out reform and opening up to the end, effectively intensify reform, expand the level of opening up, and strengthen innovation driven, and constantly stimulate the endogenous driving force of high-quality leapfrog development.

We must pay close attention to reform in key areas. Complete the reform of district organizations. We should further deepen the reform of government service "one network, one gate and one time", continue to promote the "reduction of evidence and convenience for people" actions, directly carry out seamless service for holidays and matters directly related to the daily production and daily life of enterprises and the masses. Before the end of the year, according to the application type of government service items, "one time no run", "run only once", the processing rate, the online availability rate reached over 70%, and the 150 high frequency items were all real. Now "run at most". We should continue to do a good job in funeral reform, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of funeral homes, and build three public cemeteries in the lower reaches, the LLIN and the ocean estates, and consolidate and enhance the effectiveness of the reform. We should continue to push forward the reform of the commercial system, comprehensively promote the "separation of evidence", increase the promotion of the electronic business license, and constantly improve the level of convenience of market access. We should do a good job in the reform of investment and financing platform, accelerate the pace of market transformation, set up a large-scale investment and financing platform for 2A+ credit rating and qualification assessment, constantly improve asset quality and operational capacity, and effectively guard against financial risks.

Enhance the effectiveness of open cooperation. Firmly establish the concept of "project is king", adhere to the project investment as a top priority, improve and perfect the investment evaluation and reward and punishment mechanism, and create a strong investment atmosphere. We should pay more attention to the higher level and wider fields, and further play the role of industrial fund investment and professional investment. We will vigorously carry out the activities of "three inviting three times", "three enterprises entering a wide range", leading industries to attract large enterprises and attract more powerful enterprises, and strive to attract more influential projects and projects to speed up the pace of return of capital flow, information flow and talent flow. We should strengthen the follow-up management, tracking service and landing assessment of contracted projects, and promote the early landing, early commissioning and early success of projects. Throughout the year, we strive to introduce more than 100 million yuan projects, 25 items, 1 billion yuan or more items 5, more than 2 billion yuan project 2.

Upgrading drive innovation level. We should persist in taking innovation as the first motive force to lead development. We should accelerate the construction of a technological innovation system that combines enterprise as the main body, market orientation and "production, study, research and use of gold". We will further implement the cultivation projects of innovative enterprises, high-tech enterprises and high-tech SMEs, and actively encourage and guide enterprises to increase R & D investment and continuously increase the proportion of R&D expenditure to GDP. A total of 1 new provincial engineering and technology research centers have been set up throughout the year, with more than 10 new and high-tech enterprises and more than 580 patent applications. Vigorously implement the "10 million" talent plan, focus on improving the policy of "attracting talents", building a platform for "gathering talents", strengthening the protection of "retaining talents", and constantly attracting talents to converge in Guangfeng.

(six) actively promote the construction of ecological civilization, and strive to release the ecological dividend.

Firmly establish the concept of "green water and green hills, namely Jinshan Yinshan", earnestly protect the ecological environment, consolidate ecological advantages, enhance ecological benefits, and resolutely fight pollution prevention and control.

And constantly improve the effectiveness of ecological governance. We must persist in improving the feedback problems of the central and provincial environmental supervision and inspection, and further promote the task of tackling the great protection of the Yangtze River economic belt. We should continue to defend the "blue sky, clear water and pure land". We must pay close attention to the prevention and control of air pollution, and carry out the special treatment of construction sites and road dust, catering fumes, industrial waste gas, motor vehicle exhaust, and so on. We must strictly implement the "ten points of water", further promote the river and lake basin management, vigorously promote black and odorous water treatment, and also clean the water body. Strict control of agricultural non-point source pollution, vigorously implement the "zero growth" action of chemical fertilizer and pesticide, strengthen solid waste disposal control, and return soil to "health". We should mobilize public participation in environmental protection issues and give full play to the role of "environmental police" in cracking down on all kinds of environmental crimes.

Continue to increase the intensity of ecological restoration. Strengthening mountain protection, prevention and control of geological disasters and comprehensive control of soil erosion. We should vigorously implement the forest quality improvement project, lay a good job in the prevention and control of pine wood nematode disease, complete 5000 acres of afforestation, 23 thousand acres of degraded forest, 33 thousand acres of forest tending, and implement the task of "greening, beautification, colourization and precious" construction of 600 mu. We should vigorously promote garbage classification operations to expand the scope, raise standards and increase efficiency, and gradually improve the awareness of garbage classification among the general public. We will comprehensively promote the integration of urban and rural sanitation, continuously improve the harmless treatment rate of urban and rural domestic waste, and strive to build a more efficient urban and rural sanitation and cleaning system.

We should conscientiously strengthen the protection of the ecological environment. We must adhere to a sound ecological system to protect the ecological environment, strictly implement the river system, the lake system and the forest length system, strictly abide by the red line of ecological protection and water resources protection, and effectively protect the rivers and lakes of Guangfeng. We should further improve the accountability system for environmental protection, establish and improve the mechanism of capitalization and value transformation of natural resources, and comprehensively implement the audit of outgoing natural resources assets of leading cadres, so as to ensure strict prevention at the source, strict management of process and severe punishment of consequences. Carry out the second national pollution source census. We must strictly implement the EIA system and resolutely put an end to projects with environmental pollution. We should increase publicity on environmental protection, vigorously advocate green and low-carbon production and life style, and continuously enhance the awareness of environmental protection for all.

(seven) do a solid job in the cause of people's livelihood and continue to improve the well-being of the people.

We must firmly establish the people centred development thought, base on the issues of greatest concern to the people, do well what the people expect most, and pay more attention to popularity, universality, equality and sustainability, so as to enhance people's sense of happiness and gain.

We must resolutely fight against poverty. We will continue to consolidate and enhance the effectiveness of tackling poverty and ensure that the 2 provincial poverty villages, 1 county level poverty-stricken villages and 8018 people are lifted out of poverty. We should further promote the "eleven major projects for poverty alleviation", adhere to the "blood transfusion" and "hematopoiesis" in a two pronged approach, explore a long-term mechanism for stabilizing poverty eradication, and accelerate the construction of an interest linkage mechanism between industry and poor households and village collectives, so as to help poor households find "road to prosperity" and "internal force" to enhance their ability to resist poverty risk. We should organize a "Thanksgiving action" to tackle poverty and strive to build a strong atmosphere of getting rich and industrious and getting rid of poverty. We should integrate resources and carry out poverty relief efforts among the urban poor.

We will continue to develop social undertakings. We must vigorously promote the development of education and vigorously implement the pilot projects of famous teachers and principals and continue to deepen inter regional cooperation. Accelerate the construction of the two phase of Zhen Bai middle school and the reconstruction and expansion of Guangfeng Xishan campus. We should speed up the construction of 7 central kindergartens, such as Pai Shan, quanbo and Shaoyang, and promote the full coverage of public kindergartens in towns and townships. We should constantly improve the level of medical services, continuously push forward the reform of medical service system, and push forward the construction of medical Confederation. We should speed up the construction of medical projects in the internal medicine building, district hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, maternal and child health care center, Huashan hospital, Renji Hospital and so on, and constantly improve and perfect the medical service system. We will carry out the third Shangrao cultural and Creative Industries Fair and the 2019 Shangrao tea culture exposition. We should thoroughly implement the upgrading projects of public cultural services at the grass-roots level, speed up the construction and use of libraries and cultural centers, and constantly improve the public cultural service system at the three levels of districts, townships and villages, so as to enable people to enjoy more quality "cultural meals".

Continue to strengthen the protection of people's livelihood. We should implement the employment priority policy and focus on the employment and entrepreneurship services of college graduates, retired servicemen and returning home entrepreneurs, so as to ensure that 4400 new towns and 8400 rural labor force are transferred. We should further deepen the plan of universal participation in insurance, and continuously improve the subsidy standards for basic old-age care, basic medical insurance and minimum living allowances for urban and rural residents, so as to promote the extension of the coverage of universal participation in insurance. We should effectively increase social assistance efforts, strictly implement the policy of double accommodation with preferential treatment, improve the medical assistance system for urban and rural poor people, and constantly improve the level of assistance. In line with the trend of population aging, we should vigorously develop the home and community pension services, encourage social capital investment and build a professional pension service provider with medical support and integration, and accelerate the construction of the ecological garden in the total investment of 1 billion yuan. We will continue to promote affordable housing projects, and complete the housing reform housing 150 thousand square meters throughout the year. We should vigorously develop social welfare, public welfare and other undertakings.

We should try our best to maintain social harmony and stability. We should continue to carry out the special struggle against corruption and eliminate evil. We should vigorously promote the construction of public safety precautions, further upgrade and expand the "Skynet project" and "snow project", and constantly improve and perfect the public security prevention and control system. We must comprehensively strengthen the anti drug work, improve the infrastructure of anti drug education bases, and resolutely win the war against drugs in the new era. We must strictly implement the responsibility for safety in production and conscientiously lay stress on safety supervision in key areas such as non coal mines and hazardous chemical enterprises, and resolutely curb serious accidents. We should further improve the system of disaster prevention and mitigation, and effectively improve the ability to deal with emergencies. We should standardize the order of letters and visits according to law, make full use of the rule of law and the rule of law, actively resolve old cases and accumulated cases, increase the intensity of initial visits, and strive to achieve "trivial matters not out of villages, big events, no conflicts". Continue to promote community management grid, and constantly improve the level of social governance.