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name Said: Circular of the people's Government of Guangfeng District of Shangrao Municipality on strictly prohibiting illegal fishing
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Circular of the people's Government of Guangfeng District of Shangrao Municipality on strictly prohibiting illegal fishing

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In order to carry out the central and provincial and municipal decisions and arrangements concerning the effective protection of fishery resources and water environment, and promote the construction of ecological civilization in our region, combined with the actual work of our region, according to the "People's Republic of China fishery law" and the general office of the Jiangxi provincial people's government, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security of the Ministry of agriculture, rural and provincial departments of the Ministry of human resources and social security has been authorized to arrest the key waters of the Yangtze River Basin. The Circular of the implementation plan for the recall work and the relevant provisions of the Shangrao Municipal Public Security Bureau, the agricultural and rural Bureau, the municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, the Municipal Communications and Transportation Bureau, and the Circular of the Special Administrative Bureau for transport and transportation on carrying out the special action against illegal fishing crimes, "2020 fishery protection", are hereby promulgated as follows:

First, strictly prohibit the scope.

Qixing reservoir, ridge bottom (Qigong ridge) reservoir, tippu reservoir, nine Xian lake, Guan Li reservoir and Germplasm reserve area (core area: Fengxi river two line five bridges are supreme Zhongliang dam. Experimentation area: Fengxi River Tong Fan Town Wangjia village bridge to Tong fan dam reach; Shatin Town love bridge to port dam reach; Fengxi street, San Du bridge to Huang Jia dam dam section; Yang Kou Yang Kou bridge to lianhuatin river section) to implement a comprehensive ban on fishing; all other main, dry, tributary drainage systems, and retired small reservoirs (two) above type (including small (two)) reservoirs are strictly controlled. No illegal fishing.

Two, implementation time

It has been implemented since 0 March 15, 2020.

Three, prohibited matters

1. It is strictly prohibited to engage in cage farming, swimming, fishing and other fishing activities in drinking water sources such as Qixing reservoir, tipu reservoir, nine Xian lake and Guan Li reservoir.

2, it is strictly prohibited to violate the laws and regulations of fishery, and to illegally and illegally capture fishing areas, fishing seasons and aquatic life protected areas.

3, it is strictly prohibited to use electricity or install and use electricity grid fishing without authorization.

4, strictly prohibit the behavior of poisonous fish and fried fish.

5, it is forbidden to purchase, sell or otherwise disguise or conceal criminal acts that are knowingly illegal fishing illegal gains.

6, strictly prohibit the use of prohibited fishing gear and methods to catch aquatic products.

7, strictly prohibit the manufacture and sale of illegal fishing gear.

Four, illegal punishment

Those who violate the provisions of this Circular shall be punished by the relevant departments of public security, agriculture and rural areas, ecological environment, market supervision and management, transportation and other relevant departments in accordance with the People's Republic of China Fisheries Law, the law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of water pollution, the Jiangxi fisheries regulations and the relevant laws and regulations. If the circumstances are serious enough to be suspected of committing a crime, the judicial organ shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

Supervision and reporting hotline: 110 or 0793-2652575

Notice hereby

The people's Government of Guangfeng District of Shangrao City

In March 15, 2020

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