Guangfeng regional poverty alleviation survey work Promotion Conference

Source: Shangrao Guangfeng District People's Government Browse: Publication time: 2020-04-27 16:57
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Zheng Huasen in the central poverty alleviation special inspection tour, "look back" feedback, "do not forget the original mind, remember the mission" theme of education inspection issues, effectiveness assessment pointed out that the rectification work of the problem to promote the meeting stressed that a more strong spirit of the spirit of a more solid work initiatives to do a good job in tackling poverty alleviation efforts to ensure that the timely completion of the task of tackling poverty.

On the morning of April 22nd, our district held a special inspection tour of the central government to solve the problem of poverty relief, "look back" feedback, "don't forget your mind, remember your mission". District Deputy Secretary and district governor Zheng Huasen attended the meeting and delivered speeches. District Deputy Secretary Qi Zhong chaired the meeting. District leaders Xu Xinyun, Zhang Jingzhong, Gong Zhenzhou, Guan Yisheng, Yan Xiang Gao, Xie Huajie, Zhou Jumei, Liu Xutao, Liu Xutao, Hui, and Wang, and the director of the Management Committee of the national Forest Park of cymbals mountain attended the meeting.

Zheng Huasen pointed out that in recent years, the whole region has done a lot of work around poverty alleviation. However, there are still many problems and shortcomings in the benchmarking requirements. We need to take effective measures to make up for the shortcomings, strengthen the weak points, promote the promotion, and promote the implementation of various tasks with high quality.

In order to do the next step, Zheng Huasen requires that we should sort out the gaps one by one, one by one, one by one, and find the gaps one by one. We must draw inferences from each other and find out the problems thoroughly. We should do a good job in coordinating the central task of eliminating poverty and taking a special inspection tour, looking back at the feedback, "not forget the original mind, keeping in mind the mission" theme of education inspection, effectiveness appraisal, pointing out the rectification of problems, and ensuring that all kinds of problems are at the time node. It is necessary to make a thorough and thorough rectification in advance. We should do a good job of benchmarking, checking and filling vacancy, and do a good job in the related work of eliminating poverty and tackling critical problems. We should immediately carry out the verification of suspected problems, and seek the data of the nuclear reform in a practical way, so as to ensure the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of the data. To ensure that all relevant tasks are completed before the end of June, the census will be carried out in an effective way to eliminate poverty, and the division of labor and effectiveness should be carefully worked out. We should do our best to tackle the key tasks of tackling key problems in poverty alleviation and vigorously promote the implementation of various tasks. We must continue to follow and push forward the establishment of a two month regular scheduling mechanism and concentrate our efforts on tackling poverty alleviation.

Zheng Huasen stressed that when he tackled poverty, he would not wait for me. The whole region should take a more vigorous spirit and more solid work measures to ensure that all efforts to tackle poverty alleviation are carried out in an all-round way, so as to ensure that the task of tackling poverty is completed on schedule. When he presided over the meeting, Qi Zhong stressed that we should enhance our understanding and carry out the spirit of the conference. We should strengthen measures to coordinate and promote the work of tackling all difficulties in poverty alleviation. We must compactness and responsibility, unite together to carry out the implementation, and resolutely win the battle against poverty.

At the meeting, Xu Xinyun and Chen Jinliang arranged the work related to tackling poverty and tackling poverty.



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