The regional discipline inspection and supervision system held a meeting

Source: Shangrao Guangfeng District People's Government Browse: Publication time: 2020-04-27 16:59
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In April 22nd, the 2019 session of the regional discipline inspection and supervision system held a meeting to summarize the discipline inspection and supervision work of the whole region in 2019, and work out the train of thought and key tasks in 2020. Zhang Jingzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee, District Commission for Discipline Inspection and director of the District Supervision Committee, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

In his speech, Zhang Jingzhong fully affirmed the achievements of people who actively joined the posts, actively planned and strengthened routine supervision since they took office, and put forward three requirements for future work. First, we must fulfill our responsibilities and play the role of stationing; two, we should clear the way of thinking in combination with the reality of stationed units; three, we should strengthen business learning and promote meticulous supervision.

"Since its accredited mission, it has participated in 9 meetings of the" three heavy and one big "meeting. Before the meeting, the communication was cancelled and 1 were proposed to the conference. The 1 meeting was halted, the accounts of 3 units were checked, the relevant units were supervised and rechecked, and the illegal distribution of subsidies was more than 5 million yuan.

"Since 2019, the work has been summed up as" three high one low ", that is, the higher filing rate, the greater number of illegal funds recovered, the greater number of personnel handling the first form, and the low cost of investigating illegal cases. At the meeting, the discipline inspection team leaders and the discipline inspection committee members went around the main business, went straight to the theme, and reported their duties one by one. They both showed the supervision and discipline record card of the past year. The Standing Committee and deputy secretaries made comments.

The leaders of the discipline inspection and supervision group, the district direct units and the Discipline Inspection Committee of the state-owned enterprises attended the meeting.


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