District People's armed forces organize militia to participate in "double creation" activities in cities

Source: Shangrao Guangfeng District People's Government Browse: Publication time: 2020-05-26 11:06
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On the afternoon of May 22nd, the District People's Armed Forces Department selected 108 party members and militia cadres from the district militia and organized a special "caucus activities" at the district militia training base. Mou Zhiyi, political commissar of the Ministry of civil affairs, attended the event and delivered speeches. The main purpose of this event is to mobilize the backbone of the party, league members and militia to participate in the national health city and national civilized city activities in the whole region, and become an important force in our "double creation" activities.

It is understood that the Ministry of civil affairs in the city building activities, actively invited to actively participate in the current "double creation" activities in our region, and give full play to their advantages, cooperate with the city law enforcement units and community cadres, traffic roads and community environmental hygiene supervision and inspection, inspection of the problems found in the persuasion.

Before the start of the campaign, a centralized ideological education was carried out for all militias, and the District Traffic Police Brigade sent instructors to carry out on-site training for all militias. Mou Zhiyi made an impromptu speech. He demanded that the broad masses of militia should fully understand the great significance of participating in the creation of the city, integrate their responsibilities in economic and social development, strengthen discipline, conduct norms, civilize persuasion, publicize policies and attitudes, and not use uncivilized language in persuasion.

After the training, all the militias lined up under the leadership of the District People's armed forces, carrying the flags, wearing the red sleeves sign, shouting slogans, and taking the streets from the militia training base. The militia then moved towards their mission area according to the division of labor in advance. Their appearance attracted many cities to take pictures, and the militia team became a scenic line created by the city.

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