The "May 1 consumption gold season" series of activities and the first "Huimin promotion" auto show are fully activated.

Source: Shangrao Guangfeng District People's Government Browse: Publication time: 2020-05-08 16:44
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Zheng Huasen attended and declared the event to start Qi Zhong attended the ceremony.

On the morning of May 1st, the holiday packed rabbit moon Plaza was bustling and bustling. The series of activities in the "May 1 consumption gold season" in Guangfeng and the first "Huimin promotion" auto show and the first people's products promotion exhibition were launched here. District Deputy Secretary and district governor Zheng Huasen attended the ceremony and announced the start of the event.

Deputy Secretary of the District, Qi Zhong, Zhou Jumei, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and propaganda minister, Cheng Jianhong, Wang Fei, Zheng Minghai, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Forest Park national Forest Park, attended the launching ceremony. Cheng Jianhong presided over the ceremony.

Qi Zhong has pointed out in his speech that the event is in the form of "May 1" holiday, which will provide consumers with quality products including family car, retail, catering, home, building materials and other products through discount sales promotion, group buying promotion and prize promotion. It can fully meet the consumption needs of various groups and release the delayed and delayed effects of the epidemic. Consumer enthusiasm.

Qi Zhong hopes that all departments and units will work closely together, organize meticulously, ensure the safety and order of activities, and achieve tangible results, and take this opportunity to continue to guide consumption transformation and upgrading and create a better consumption environment. We hope that the majority of business and circulation enterprises will firmly seize this favorable opportunity and firmly uphold the business philosophy of "honesty and business" and actively organize colorful seasonal commodities. Carry out various promotional activities to provide a splendid feast for the people of the whole region.

With Zheng Huasen's orders, the "May 1 consumption gold season" series and the first "Huimin promotion" auto show were officially launched. The leaders of the district attended the launching ceremony.

At the exhibition site, almost every booth has citizens watching in front of their favorite brand cars. From time to time, they ask the salesmen for details about vehicle information, prices and preferential measures. Xiao Ping, a salesperson from a safe car, told reporters excitedly: "early in the morning, around half past eight, I sold a Guang Ling School. The customer was Mr. Ning couple of Dongshan Town and village Department of Feng Xi Street. After listening to the recommendation of the model and the various preferential measures, Ning chose to buy a wide range of Ling faction cars.

"The original price of the car was 125800 yuan, and the transaction price after the discount was 106800 yuan. It also enjoyed a series of preferential measures such as 1000 yuan refueling card, 6 after sale maintenance and 3800 yuan decorating gift package, which can be said that the preferential treatment of this activity is unprecedented. Guangfeng friends who have the intention to buy cars can come to the moon rabbit Square during the May 1 golden week to see if they can order the car you want. Said Xiao pan.

Reporters learned that the auto show has many on-site brands, and its models are very complete. Dongfeng Citroen, SAIC GM Buick, Dongfeng Fengshen, GAC MITSUBISHI, FAW Volkswagen Audi, GAC TOYOTA, Changan Ford, Fawkes... It covers the hottest brands such as autonomy, joint venture, import, and the most popular models on the market.

Liu Chang of Shangrao Zheng Dong Auto Trading Co., Ltd. told reporters that every car on the auto show has a marked price, and the sales card is marked with the most real price and preferential information, so that the friends of the public can see it clearly. Now that we have done the car show, we will choose to make the best of it, so that we can truly benefit consumers and let everyone feel that buying a car at a motor show will be more cost-effective. If you purchase a car at the auto show site, you can enjoy the one-stop service of "watching cars + selecting cars + buying cars + lifting cars".

It is reported that during the activity period, our district will issue 4 million yuan of consumption coupons, and carry out a series of colorful and special activities at the same time, such as "auto consumption Exhibition", "consumer goods promotion exhibition", "building materials home group buying Carnival", "food and Food Festival", "prosperous night economy", "online shopping festival", "mobile 5G promotion Festival" and "Wen brigade healthy Tour".


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