The work of promoting national defense will be held in the region.

Source: Shangrao Guangfeng District People's Government Browse: Publication time: 2020-06-10 15:49
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Zheng Huasen attended and spoke.

On the afternoon of June 6th, the work of Guangfeng Chuang Wei promotion was held in the video conference room on the 5 floor of C District, civic center. District Deputy Secretary and district governor Zheng Huasen attended and spoke. District Deputy Secretary Qi Zhong has presided over. Xie Huajie, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee, Zhou Jumei, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the regional people's Congress, Yu Liujun, deputy district head Liu Xiaofang, Cheng Jianhong, Zhang Junhua, Wang Fei and vice chairman of the CPPCC district attended the meeting.

Zheng Huasen called for a comprehensive mobilization and acted quickly, strictly controlling the contents and standards of the technical assessment of Chuang Wei Wei, further checking up the deficiencies and making up the short board, so as to push the work level of Chuang Wei Wei in our area to a new level with solid work results.

Zheng Huasen pointed out that we should persist in the direction of problem and effect, and carry out thorough rectification and rectification. Focusing on the problems of rectification and discovery of the national defense expert group and the construction of the sample points of Chuang Wei Wei, we should carry out a thorough investigation and rectification of the list and carry out a thorough investigation. We must keep a close eye on the archiving work. We will sort out the data of eight categories of Chuang Wei and 172 sample points of Chuang Wei, and then rectify and improve them, so as to ensure that there are no blind spots and dead corners.

Zheng Huasen stressed that on the basis of "big investigation and rectification", we should vigorously promote the work of creating health services in key areas such as construction sites, urban villages and urban and rural areas, farmers' markets, residential areas, vector control, city appearance, organs, enterprises and institutions, health education promotion, "six small" industries, traffic order and other key areas. The responsible units must make full use of the "embroidery skills" to inspect the blind area blindly, and promote the comprehensive improvement of the environment and small environment, so as to ensure that there is no original ecological problem.

Zheng Huasen urged that the combination of Chuang Guowei and epidemic prevention and control should be organically combined to achieve two promotion and two promotion. Compaction work responsibility should be tightly pressed. District leaders take the lead in implementing the system of film length, grid length and road length, and actively play the role of demonstration and promotion. The leading units and the responsible units strictly control the requirements of the tasks. We must stick to the long-term mechanism and consolidate the achievements of Chuang Guo Wei's work. We must continue to carry out the grid "woodpecker action", further improve and conscientiously implement long-term mechanisms in various fields and industries, and earnestly maintain the achievements of Chuang Wei Wei for a long time to achieve normalization. We must firmly adhere to the main keynote of epidemic prevention and control work that is not relaxed in terms of "external input and internal anti rebound", and insist on "sweeping green code, measuring body temperature and wearing masks" in key places. Force, the units and individuals that affect the overall situation of the work of national defense are seriously accountable.

Qi Zhong has informed the construction of the sample points in the whole region and the work supervision of Chuang Wei Wei.

Zhou Jumei interpreted the standard requirements for the establishment of a civilized city in the whole country, and made specific plans for the current creation work in the whole region. Wang Fei made corresponding arrangements for the technological assessment of Chuang Wei Wei.

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