The provincial assessment team carried out the examination and approval of the rectification of Guangfeng Prefecture Chuang Wei's unannounced visits.

Source: Shangrao Guangfeng District People's Government Browse: Publication time: 2020-06-15 11:17
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Zheng Huasen Cheng Dong Qi Zhong was accompanied by others.

On the morning of June 11th, Yang Chengjun, the deputy head of the provincial assessment team and the four provincial level researcher of the provincial Office of Ai Wei office, led the team of the provincial office for the inspection of love affairs, and divided them into seven groups. The inspection and acceptance of the rectification and rectification problems discovered by the National Defense Office of the national defense agency were checked and accepted, and a combination of recommendation and spot checks was carried out to check and consolidate the work of Chuang Wei Wei in our district.

Deputy Secretary of the District Committee, district director Zheng Huasen, deputy director of the Municipal Health Committee, John Ching, deputy secretary of the District Committee, Qi Zhong, Hua Jie, Chen Jinliang, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the District, Yu Liujun, deputy district head Liu Xiaofang, Cheng Jianhong, Cheng Jianhong, Wang Fei, vice chairman of the CPPCC District, etc.

The assessment teams went deep into Gaestgiveriet Hotel, government departments, street communities, hospitals, farmers' markets, schools, urban villages, urban and rural fringe areas, passenger stations and parks. Through on-site inspection, listening to reports, and consulting materials, we organized the management of health care organizations, urban villages and townships and townships, sanitation, environmental protection, food and drinking water. A comprehensive and detailed examination was carried out on the work of Chuang Wei, such as site hygiene, public health and medical services, and vector control.

Yang Chengjun emphasized that we should further enhance our standing, take a long-term look at the future and make meticulous and meticulous efforts in the work of Chuang Wei Wei. We should further strengthen the atmosphere building, improve and implement the long-term mechanism of "the first three packs", further strengthen the implementation of the work, consolidate the achievements achieved in the development of Chuang Wei Wei, and provide a better development ring for the development of Guangfeng's economy and society. Environment.

Zheng Huasen reported the work of Chuang Wei Wei in our district. Our district adheres to the guiding principles of "government organization, social participation and citizen oriented". We widely publicize, mobilize and organize the masses, invest heavily in infrastructure construction, and strive to carry out 24 special campaigns, such as environmental hygiene, city appearance and so on, which have effectively promoted the urban management level and urban taste of our district.

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