Zheng Huasen investigates the planning and development of black talc and limestone industry

Source: Guangfeng Browse: Publication time: 2020-06-03 00:47
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In June 2nd, Zheng Huasen, deputy secretary of the District Committee and district governor, studied the planning and development of the black talc and limestone industry in the whole region. Deputy Secretary of the District, Qi Zhong, Gong Zhenzhou, deputy director of the District Committee, deputy director of the District Committee, Liu Xutao, deputy director of the District Committee and United Front secretary, accompanied by Cheng Jianhong, Zhang Junhua, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Shangrao high tech Zone, and attended the Forum. District government office, Guangfeng branch of the natural resources bureau, the main person in charge of the Bureau and Dongyang Township, Pai Shan town, kettle town and Fengzhen lake are the main leaders in the investigation.

Zheng Huasen and his party went to the Fengzhen lake for direct research, such as direct melt spinning, kettle town black talc base, Pak Shan limestone, Dongyang Red Lion cement and other fields. Everywhere, Zheng Huasen carefully looked at the present situation of the mining area and the land requisitioned, and listened carefully to the relevant departments and towns and villages about the progress of land approval, land acquisition, demolition and resettlement.

Subsequently, the black talc and limestone industrial planning and development promotion conference was held in the conference room of Dongyang township government. Zheng Huasen pointed out that our region has begun to take shape in non-ferrous metal industry, machinery manufacturing industry, electronic information industry, food processing industry and so on, but the benefit is not obvious enough. After a long period of exploration, our region should closely rely on the advantages of black talc and limestone resources to take the two industries as the main industry, adhere to the general direction of industrialization, and strive to transform the advantages of black talc and limestone resources to industrial advantages, continuously promote the transformation of mining industry into industry, and create the industrial cluster development mode with Guangfeng characteristics.

Zheng Huasen stressed that in order to make the black talc and limestone industry of our region bigger and stronger, the land element is the key. We must focus on the construction of a deep processing base for black talc and limestone, make good use of the existing land resources and ensure the land needed for industrial development, lay a solid foundation for the next step of industrial development and the smooth development of investment promotion; we must unify our thinking, focus on the target and plan. Leading to comprehensively solve the problems and difficulties existing in the two major industries in terms of ore resources, industrial park platform construction and industrial landing, etc., we should clarify the direction of industrial planning and industrial development, reverse the construction period and accelerate the work to ensure that all tasks are completed within the fixed time. In order to achieve the transformation from industrial planning to industrial achievements, we must build up a high quality business environment, and connect the two major industries and deep processing enterprises. We need to increase capital investment to ensure the needs of infrastructure construction in the two major industrial bases, and strive to promote the scale, industrialization, industrialization and cluster development of the black talc and limestone industry. The mine supervision and management mechanism shall standardize the price of the raw ore market, increase the entry threshold for the industry, introduce the deep processing of the high and new technology enterprises to the raw ore, extend the fine processing industrial chain and the supporting services of the whole industry chain type, extend the entire industrial chain to tens of billions and billions of levels, form a chain of high-quality industrial clusters, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, ensure environmental protection, and promote the Guangfeng black talc, The two major limestone industries are developing continuously and healthfully.

Zheng Huasen finally stressed that black talc and limestone are only sold as raw ores, and their economic benefits are extremely low. The key to industrial development lies in cracking bottlenecks and upgrading them. We must concentrate our efforts on protecting, mining and utilizing the mining areas, compile industrial development plans, achieve capacity replacement, adhere to the industrial transformation of mineral fields, do well in the deep processing industry of black talc and limestone, and transform the resource advantages into economic development advantages.

At the meeting, Qi Zhongyou, Gong Zhenzhou, Liu Xutao, Cheng Jianhong, Zhang Junhua and Liao Wenhua respectively combined with the actual situation, focusing on industrial planning, basic farmland adjustment, demolition and control, capacity replacement, space planning, long-term planning objectives, industrial platform construction, investment promotion, vegetation restoration and environmental planning, and optimizing the business environment, and made comments on the next step to promote the project landing. And suggestions.

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