Yu Jianlai, research and supervision of flood control and prevention of geological disasters in our district

Source: Shangrao Guangfeng District People's Government Browse: Publication time: 2020-06-10 15:48
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On the morning of June 5th, Yu Jian, a member of the Standing Committee and deputy mayor of the municipal Party committee, led the responsible comrades of the relevant departments to go deep into the investigation of the flood control and prevention of geological disasters in the Jun Tan reservoir and the Qixing reservoir in the Guangfeng area. Chen Jinliang, member of the Standing Committee of the Regional Committee, accompanied by Zheng Minghai, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the national Forest Park.

At every point, Yu Jian carefully checked the spillway and reservoir dam, and learned in detail the maximum reservoir capacity of the reservoir, the current stock water level, the flood water level, the source of reservoir water, the flood prevention preparation work, the personnel allocation and other specific situations.

Yu Jian pointed out that since June 2nd, our city has entered the rainy season, and all localities and units should attach great importance to and take prompt action to make preparations for flood control and emergency prepares to ensure safety in flood season. He stressed that the key to flood control lies in "prevention" and precaution. We should strengthen monitoring and early warning and risk investigation during flood season, scientifically control the storage capacity and make contingency plans, make every effort to prepare for flood control, disaster relief and disaster relief, prepare all kinds of flood control and emergency supplies, strengthen meteorological early warning and forecast, pay close attention to short-term heavy rainfall monitoring, release timely forecast and early warning information, and strengthen duty values. We must abide by the principle of strict work and discipline, consolidate the responsibility for flood control, and firmly safeguard the safety of people's lives and property with a strict style of work.

During the investigation and supervision process, Yu Jian also stressed that in the rainy season, rainfall is frequent, soil moisture content is saturated, and prone to landslides and other geological disasters. The relevant departments should further strengthen the inspection of hidden dangers of geological hazards. Once abnormal conditions are found, it is necessary to forecast and warn early, transfer personnel for the first time, and report the first time; increase publicity and education in disaster prevention, raise awareness of safety among the masses, and guide the masses to avoid disasters scientifically.

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