Zheng Huasen monitors the work of Chuang Wei Wei

Source: Shangrao Guangfeng District People's Government Browse: Publication time: 2020-06-15 11:18
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On the morning of June 9th, Zheng Huasen, deputy secretary of the district Party committee and district governor, went deep into some parks, residential areas, farmers' markets, hospitals and construction sites to inspect and supervise the construction of sample points of Chuang Wei Wei. District Committee member Xie Huajie, deputy district head Zhang Junhua and other entourage.

Zheng Huasen went to the District Women's Federation, Fuli real estate construction site, LAN Po Wan District, Yufeng market, central Zhou Park, District People's Hospital, three child natural village and other places. All the way, all the way to see, ask, check and supervise the local epidemic prevention and control, environmental sanitation deep cleaning, vector control, standardized operation, traffic order rectification, health education promotion, tobacco control and smoking ban. The actual situation of epidemic prevention and control and construction of the sample points of national defense, and the relevant units responsible for the problems found at the scene require strict control standards, pay attention to details, and immediately organize rectification in place.

Zheng Huasen pointed out that we must resolutely overcome the weariness and weariness of war, persist in taking the problem and effect as the guidance, conscientiously carry out the major rectification and rectification work, make up for the shortage and fill in the short board, do not keep the blind spot in the blind area, and ensure that all the work done by Chuang Wei Wei is well done.

Zheng Huasen called for further improvement of the long-term mechanism, consolidating the achievements made by Chuang Guo Wei, promoting the urban management level and urban quality of our region to a new level, and strengthening the sense of well-being and happiness of the general public.

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