District Leadership
Hua Sheng Zheng
Leadership positions Deputy secretary and district head of District Committee
Division of work Presided over the district government to work in a comprehensive way, and also manage the work of finance, supervision, auditing, compilation and so on.
Resume Zheng Huasen, male, Han nationality, born in July 1966 in Xinzhou District of Shangrao, has a university degree. He joined in the work in August 1987 and joined the Communist Party of China in March 1987. He is currently Deputy Secretary and district head of the Guangfeng District Committee of Shangrao City, Jiangxi province.
Main learning and resume:
1984.09--1987.08 Physics Department of Shangrao teachers' College
1987.08--1988.08 Shangrao County Secondary School Teachers
1988.08--1991.03 Shangrao County Education Bureau cadre
1991.03--1995.08 cadre of Shangrao county Party Committee Bureau (1990.08--1993.07 physics correspondence course of East China Normal University Physics Department)
1995.08--1997.03 deputy director of Shangrao County Committee
1997.03--1998.03 deputy secretary and organizer of Zao tou Town, Shangrao County
1998.03--2001.09 deputy secretary and mayor of Shangrao sunrise town Party committee
(2000.02--2001.06: learning from the major courses of Nanchang University)
2001.09--2003.05 director of the Shangrao Provincial Commission for economic and Trade Commission
2003.05--2004.02 Shangrao County Foreign Affairs Director and director of Investment Promotion Bureau
2004.02--2006.05 member of Shangrao Industrial Park Party Working Committee
2006.05--2011.06 deputy county magistrate of Yanshan County Government
2011.06--2014.08 Poyang county Party Committee Standing Committee, Minister of organization
2014.08--2014.09 Guangfeng County Committee Standing Committee and deputy county magistrate nominated candidates
2014.09-- 2015.05 Guangfeng county Party Committee Standing Committee, deputy secretary and deputy county magistrate of the county government, President of the county administrative school.
2015.05 - 2016.08, the Standing Committee of Guangfeng District Committee of Shangrao, deputy secretary and deputy district head of the Party committee of the district government.
2016.08 --2016.10 nomination of deputy secretary and district governor of Guangfeng District, Shangrao, Jiangxi
2016.10 to date, deputy secretary and district head of Guangfeng District Committee, Shangrao, Jiangxi.
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